Untrue Happiness

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Warning: Contains offensive language, sexual suggestion and underage drinking.

New story guys! Sorry I've been gone for so long but I've been working on getting some writing done and wanted to have a few chapters complete before I decided to post.

As a warning, I'm letting you know this story is completely different from Crush. The mood is darker and more mature. I won't put the rating as R but be warned about the material. I wanted to try something different. :)

The other difference in this story is the main character. She isn't a hero or even close to it. To put it frank, she is the girl you love to hate. You'll find yourself rooting for other people in the story quite often. But I think that's what is going to make it interesting.

Like I said, I have about three chapters already written so there should be updates for the next few weeks. But I'm starting college in a week so after that, posting might be slow. After the stress of Crush I'm going to go my own pace so I'm not making any promises of when I'll be updating. Though, I gurantee three chapters already.

I think that is all I wanted to say for now.

I hope you like my new story :)

Guilt is a horrible thing.

It pulls you out of yourself and leaves an irreversible darkness in your soul.


It tears you apart, one by one until you have nothing left but your haunting thoughts and the memory of what you’ve done.

It keeps you up at night. Playing over and over again and when that gives up, you imagine different scenarios of what you could have done.

 What you should have done.

But didn’t.

Guilt is mostly accompanied by regret.

Do I regret what I did?

I wish I do. And that’s what I feel the most guilty about.

But people do crazy things for love.

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