Chapter 7- im outta here

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hello. im watching paranormal activity, and i just jumped out of my skin. hahahaha well im just going to get on with this chapter becuase its very late, well early.


me and mark stood there stunned. there sat damon, chained to a chair, rapped in barbed wire, with a metal pole shoved through his chest, "my god" i whispered, in disbelief. he was so pale, and he was sweating so much. i didnt know what to do and form the looks of things neither did mark becuase he just stood there gobsmacked aswell.

all this time staring at damon, we failed to miss that there was a man standing in the corner. i looked to the side. mark soon followed, uh ohhhhhh.

the man was holding some chains. before we knew it he was diving at us growling. i managed to dodge out of the way, making the man jump onto mark, i was laying on the floor recovering from the dodge but i didnt recover quickly enough to prevent the man from quickly chaining mark. "woah, dude!" i said getting up, "now, thats not very nice, i may not be strong at the moment but it seems you have run out of chains my good friend, so whats you next move?" i smirked. read for anyhitng he had. he growled "how about i just kill you???" he said, i laughed, "hahahahahaaaaaaaa, yoiu could try, but you will fail" i smirked shrugging my shoulders.

he lunged one more time, knocking me to the floor. "now i have the advantage!" he growled, "oh nooooooooo, what ever shal i do?!" i said being sarcastic, pulling off a worried face. i giggled and looked serious, "no you do not have the advantage, you see" i pushed my hand into his chest and grabbed his heart "you dont need to be on top to pull out a heart", he looked at me shocked. i grinned then yancked out his heart, he gasped and turned grey and veiny.

i pushed him off and threw his heart in the cornor, i stood up and looked at my hand. "nice" i said pulling a weird face.

"uh, andy?, fancy helping me, you know, just chilling rapped in chains" mark said struggling. i turned around "oh sorry" i said walking up and undoing the chains. mark got up and dusted himself off, we both turned to look at damon.

10 minutes later, damon had no barb wire rapped around him, the metal pole had been taken out and he was starting to slowly heal, but he really needed blood, i turned to look at mark who was looking at the corridor "mark?" i said

"yup" he said simply not turning to look at me.

"can vampires drink other vampire blood?" i asked

mark turned around, "yeah, whyy?" he asked

i shrugged, "we dont have any humans here do we and i am NOT carrying damon out of here!" i said

"we go on then because im not. im keeping watch for those guards we heard, theyve seemed to dissapear somewhere" he said, i stood there gobsmacked, fair enough.

i sighed, i walked up to damon, "so how do i do it, id rather him not ripping my throat out" i asked

"you just bit your wrist and hold it up to his mouth, then you feel sucking that means hes getting stronger, when it starts to hurt you pull away"

i frowned, i bit my wrist and winced, i held it up to damons mouth and i felt him sucking, soon after it started to hurt, i pulled back, damon opened his eyes, "missed me?"

my wrist had healed and damon was bending over, "did you have to feed me your blood?!" he said stretching. "well do you see any humans here, no, and i was technically one for some time, sooooo" i said shrugging, "and at the end of the day, would you rather be stuck like you were of have my blood and feel better?" i said folding my arms.

"supose so" he said

"uh, guys we have company, the little group of guards has upgraded into a little army of guards, we better get going" mark said. i looked at damon and started to walk towards the door but damon grabbed my arm, "dont go that way, theres the execution room across there, they probably want us to go there" he said, i looked up at the window and grinned.

i broke open the window and we climed out, it was a tight fit for damon but he managed to get out mark was next, he fitted through. i was next i jumped up and slipped through, i had my legs to go, i heard the guards storm into the room so i ripped my legs out of the windoow, cutting my leg, i screamed in pain, finally gettng through the window, hitting the ground then the alarm went off.

i went to to stand up but i collapsed, my leg was wounded and it wasnt healing. "come on andy!" damon said ready to run, "i cant! i cant get up!, my leg, it wont heal?!" i shouted at them, they looked at each other and within a flash they were at my side picking me up and carrying me.

i could finally feel my leg starting to heal, "hey, dont worry about me now, i think ill be able to run for a bit, my leg feels better" i said. they put me down and i stretched quickly, "come on then, what are we waiting for?" i asked smiling, "lets go!" i shouted.

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