Chapter 4

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Moments later I woke up to the sound of lights flickering on... 

"M-mom?" I stuttered while pealing my aching head from the counter; It hurt so badly. 

"Did you just call me- Oh My God Skye! What happened!?" Her eyes looked as if they were to pop out of there sockets at any moment. 

"W-wha-what are you talking about?" I truly am confused... 


"Let me see" Jake said, moving her aside. 

"What the fuck!?" He yelled, quickly slapping his hands over his mouth. "W-what the hell happened here!?" He asked pointing at me. 

"I don't know what you're talking about! What's wrong with me!?" I screamed at the top of my lungs. I mean really, what's going on? I feel my eyes burning with unshed tears. 

"Oh honey" Martha spoke, giving me the saddest eyes ever, "your head, it's bleeding." 

I unconsciously placed my hand on the side of my head. Wet. It was wet. Too shocked to say anything I looked back at them in disbelieve. My hands fell to my sides. I started to feel light headed. My vision blurred, black and white dots appearing here and there. The room was spinning but, I wasn't moving. 

I felt my back being drawn to the floor; Pain, that's all I could feel as I crashed to the floor. Mom's cry was the last I heard as I blacked out, completely. 


*Beep-beep- - -Beep-beep-b*

"Ugh! Make it stop!" I wined shifting side to side; on a bed. Wait I'm on a bed?? 

I quickly flashed my eyes open, wrong idea. The bright white light burned the soul of my eyeballs! 

"Ahhhh!" I squinted trying to block most of the light away. After my eyes got used to the new settings I looked around, taking in my situation.

It's obvious I'm in a hospital, of some sort. I have tubes running from my hands to a machine, which sounded out my every heartbeat. Everything else seems normal, except the fact that my head feels like I have a bucket of bricks sitting on it.

I reached over to the small table-thing on my left side grabbed the mirrow bringing it to my face. My head was wrapped over, and over again in a white casty looking thing. Yeah I'm not so good with words.

The creepy part is you can still see the blood sipping through. I mean really, just how hard did he hit me?!

I kept twirling the mirrow around till it caught something, or someone.

It was a boy. He looked so, pail. Almost dead! And... his heart monitor was beating so, slow....

I wonder what happened to him. Wait a minute, is it okay for a heart monitor to beat that slow!? I know nothing about medical stuff but something tells me it's not right. I placed my mirrow back to its spot and slowly climed off the bed.

Ew. I was in those ugly hospital clothes. Who changed me!? Wait, nevermind, I really don't want to know. Also putting on the matching ugly slippers I rolled my heart monitor at my side as I shuffled my way across the room.

Standing infront of him I felt like a total iddiot. I mean what did I think I could do anyway? CPR? Yeah totally... sarcasm! Infact I probably looked like a creep. Who would like to wake up to a random girl standing over them with a heart monitor beating at the side. Surly not me. I might just be the death of him...

With those lovely thoughts in mind I turned around thinking it would be better if i mind my own problems; untill he moved. His heart monitor beeped just a little faster, then went back to its unrealisticaly slow beat.

I walked a little closer placing my hand on the side of his bed, almost touching him. Even when sleeping he looked so, adorable? Maybe not the right word. Cute? I don't know. Hot! There we go! He looks so hot! Okay I'll stop now.

His face looked so smooth and flawless even in its sickest state; Slim and sculpted body... Oh gosh I'm killing myself.

I subconsciously placed the palm of my hand on his and- beep---beep---beep!-beep!-BEEP!-BEEP!- He's heart monitor went wild! As if life had suddenly stuck him... his eye-lids started to flotter as if he was trying to open them.

I gasped stepping back. Oh god what did I do!?

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