Chapter Two

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We walked up to the club and the line was all the way down the street.

"Ugh...I hate this." Ariel mumbled to me.

"Ohh hold your panties." Amber said. She grabbed our hands and dragged us up to the front of the line.

"Hey Eric." Amber said, with a wink. His face went from a frown to a smile and he gladly opened the door for us. Everyone in the line was yelling and cursing but we just ignored them. We walked in and Ariel grabbed my hand.

"Well...I kinda like this place now." I giggled at her remark and followed Amber up to the bar. The music was blearing loud and I could feel my chest vibrating. Sweaty bodies were scattered all over the dance floor, grinding on complete strangers and dancing wildly. We finally made our way to the bar and Amber ordered us all shots. We drank those and then she ordered us some Apple Martinies.

" guys need to go clubbing with me more.  I work at that stripper bar...and could get so much more money there then you do at that coffee shop. get laid!" She yelled to me over the loud music. I shook my head and Ariel gave me a weird look.

"I like the coffee shop Amber." I said, drinking my martinie.

"Whatever you say!" She shouted.

"I'm gonna go dance." She walked to the dance floor and started grinding on a younger lad. He seemed like he was enjoying it. What ever. Amber was a wild wild girl. Ariel and I finished our drinks and talked.

 Then, the bartender came up to us and handed us two beers.

"Um...we didn't order these." Ariel said. The man pointed towards the back of the bar.

"Compliments from those two young men back there. Said you to are very beautiful." He said, then left to go ask the next costumer what they wanted. I looked to were he pointed and saw a young teenager with a head full of brown curls, green eyes, and a beautiful smile. He was very attractive. Then, I saw another boy that looked about the same age as him, with bleach blonde hair, blue eyes, and a big smile plastered on his face. They both raised there glasses and smirked at us. We waved and went back to our drinks.

"That blondie's cute." Ariel said. I giggled.

"Well yea...but the one with the green eyes and curly hair is a little bit cuter." I said.

"Thats just because you are a sucker for green eyes."

"Yea....well your a sucker for blue eyes!" I said back. She giggled and took a long sip of her beer. Since she was facing their direction, she kept taking glances at them.

"Oh shit..."


"They are coming over here!" She said. I sat up straight.

"Well...hello ladies." The blonde one said.

"Hello." I replied.

"Whats your name?" He asked me.

"I'm Ashley. This is my friend Ariel friend Amber is over there, grinding on some guy."I said, pointing to Amber. The blonde nodded.

"Yea...thats our friend Zayn."

"Oh. Whats your guy's names?"

"Well, I'm Niall..." The blonde one said.

"And I'm Harry." The green eye'd one said.

"Well, nice to meet you Niall and Harry! Oh and thanks for the drinks!" I said, shaking their hands. Harry sat down on my right side, and Ariel got up, and moved a seat over so Niall could sit down on my left side. She was having her own conversation with Niall so I figured I'd have one with Harry.

"So, what brings you here tonight?" I asked, taking a drink of my beer.

"It's Niall's birthday, so Zayn and I decided to bring him out."

"Ohh thats sounds fun. How do you guys know eachother?"

"Well, we are all in a band. We have two more band mates, Louis and Liam, but they stayed home with thier girlsfriends tonight."

"Ohh I see."

"Yea...what about you?"

"Well, my friend Amber dragged Ariel and I out tonight."

"Ohh I see."

"Yea...but she ran off. Go figure." He laughed the most beautiful laugh I've ever heard and looked down. We sat in silence for a bit and then Harry looked back up.

"You look beautiful by the way."

" look handsome."

" wanna go dance?" He asked, pointing to the dance floor.

"I"m not very good at that..." I replied. He giggled and grabbed my hand.

"I'll show you how."

"Uh...okay." I said. At this point, I was pretty tipsy so I was just gonna go with it. A little grinding won't hurt right? We made our way to the middle of the dance floor and Harry placed his hands on my hips. I smiled and he returned it. We danced for about 15 minutes before we were so sweaty, and tired that we couldn't take it.

"UGhh I'm so thirsty!" I whined. Harry giggled.

" about...three shots each?" He asked. I nodded.

"By the way, you're very good at dancing like that!!" He said. I smiled as he ordered our drinks. We took down the shots. The room was starting to spin and it was getting majorly hot. I started leaned on Harry, because I couldn't stand straigh anymore.

"Why don't we go back to my place?" He asked in a deep voice. I nodded.

"I should probely tell me friends I'm leaving." Harry nodded. We looked around the club for them but couldn't find them.

"If Ariel is with Niall she should be fine...and as for Amber with Zayn...they are probely at his flat." he said. I nodded and we walked out into the cold night air. I got goosebumps and Harry helped my walk to his car. We got in and he drove to his house. Once we stumbled in, Harry pushed me up against the wall and kissed me long and hard. I kissed back, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. He picked me up and led me to a room which I assumed was his bedroom. He threw me on the bed and climbed ontop of me, kissing me. The feeling of his lips on mine were the last thing I remember before everything else...went fuzzy.

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