Chapter 15

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On our walk back to jays house my phone started ringing loudly. I answered it. The caller id said that it was my mom.

Me: hi mom!

Mom: hey Han. I was just calling to see how you were doing.

Me: Me and Carly are both doing fine we have boyfriend and have made lots of friends. How are you?

Mom: eh. Not so good. Nana's in the hospital.

Me: what? What's the matter with her? Is she okay?

Mom: well. She's in the intensive care unit. She was in a really bad car accident and were not sure how she's going to be.

Me: I'll be home as soon as I can!

And I hung up. Nana was my grandmother on my moms side and we were really close. Nana was always there for me and helped take care of me and Carly when my mom was away.

"jay. I have to go home. My grandmas in the hospital." he nodded in sympathy. "I'll go with you." he said. "but jay. You have to work. You have a gig tonight and recording tomorrow." he looked at me pondering this. "no. Max and Seev have recording tomorrow. Me and nath don't have it until next week with Tom. We can leave tonight. Right after the gig." I nodded as we walked back to his house. When we got there we grabbed his laptop since mine was at home and booked a flight. I had called Carly on the way there and she and Paul were coming with us.

Me and jay went to my flat to pack my stuff then took everything to his and got him packed. Luckily Marie wasn't coming for another week or so.

Once we were done packing his stuff we had to go to the gig. We took all of our stuff with us and kept it in the bus to keep from running back so that we could leave straight away. Th gig was over and we went to catch our 2am to CAK.

It was only 1 when we got to the airport so when decided to kill time by siting and asking each other random questions.

"whose your favorite guy from the wanted?" jay said with a wink.

"urmmmm." I thought. "max!" I joked with him. He pretended hurt then I asked him "who's your favorite O'Mealy?" he thought about it then said "Carly!" I playfully hit him then a voice came over the intercom. "Now boarding flight 208 to CAK." we got up, grabbed our carry on bags and went to the gate.

Once we were on the plane I tweeted: @xxHannah17: boarding the plane home with @jaythewanted @carlyissofakingcool and @palomcdo (: #imcominghome

I got a mention in three tweets from Carly Paul and jay saying similar things so I just put my phone away.

The plane took off and within a few minutes of it I was asleep on jays shoulder.

I woke up around 4am. We were still flying since it ha only been two hours but I was still tired. Jay and Paul were awake but Carly was sleeping.

"good morning beautiful." he said with a cheeky grin kissing my forehead.

"good morning poopface." I replied sticking my tongue out at him.

"take it back!" I shook my head and pulled out jays laptop "I will if you watch bring it on with me!" pulling out the movie. It was my all time favorite.

"the cheer leading movie? I'll pass."

"it either that or we bought a zoo! You know. I really want to go there." he nodded. "that sounds better. I put the other movie back and pulled out we bought a zoo and put it in.

That movie brings me to tears every time. "hey jay. How far is Plymouth from London?" I asked him. "urm. About four hours. Why?" I nodded my head considering this. "can we go there one day? It seems like so much fun. And plus they have giraffes!" jay laughed at me. "what?" I asked. "you say giraffe weird. You say 'gyraffe.' he explained. "is there a different way of saying it?" I asked. He nodded. I pouted my lips and turned to face the window crossing my arms being aware of my new tattoo and not to bump it on anything.

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