Niall's Pov

It's been two weeks since Zayn and I have been together and We've been okay? I guess.. He just always hangs out with Tia. Like today it's Friday instead of being with me he's with his Ex-Girlfriend. I Don't understand. I thought they were broken up. What if they're still together. Oh God. Stop overthinking Niall. I thought to myself. I decided i should hand out with Perrie and Louis today get things off my mind.

Lets go To the Movie's - Niall

Okay meet You There , I'll text Lou! - Perrie

I got dressed i put on my Red polo And some Chackis. I on my black supra's and Cologne. I spiked my hair in different directions and left the house. I lived alone. My moms was always busy. I walked down the Sidewalk when i saw Harry. Great. "Hey loser!" He shouted. I ignored him. "HEY LOSER!" He said again . I turned around "yes?" "WHERE's ZAYN?" He asked "How Would I know" I said . even though i do know why would he ask me he doesn't know. "Well Okay..." He said.. we just stood there and then he started talking . "Listen Niall sorry i'm such a Jerk I just Don't want to seem like A Loser. I don't mean the things i say I' I... I'm Sorry " Harry i said . I was Surprised at this i didn't expect this. "Well it's okay i guess... " I said. "I got to go to the movie's or i'll be late...Uhh want to come?" I asked politely. "Yeah Sure!" He said smiling as we walked to the Theater. Maybe this is a Start of a Good friendship. I texted Zayn maybe he wanted to go to movies.

Hey Zayn Want to go to The Movies? Nialler xxx

Sorry Busy. Next time babe <3 xxx Zayn

I sighed and ignored it. We got to the theater and walked in i waved over at perrie. "HEy ...Whats he doing here?" she asked. "He iss with me. He apoligized. And i decided to give him a chance. " I said. "Yeah , listen guys sorry for being a jerk I promise i'll make it up. I''ll do anything" Harry said . He Really did look sorry. "Okay I guess We can acccept the apology" Louis said Smiling from Ear to ear. whats up with him? Perrie scoffed. "Fine" she said. Crossing her arms.

"So lets watch Ted!" Louis said Jumping up and down like and idiot!. We laughed at his ridiculousness and bought 4 tickets to Ted. We sat in the middle Row. Perrie , Me , Harry and Louis,

I don't know what Louis and Harry were doing they looked like they were hitting it off i was surprised.

We were in the middle of the movie it was silent till we heard a girl have a fit of laughter. it wasn't even a funny part and she wouldn't stop laughing. "Who is that annoying girl" Perrie said. "Oh I think it's Tia , Liam and Zayn? " Harry said squinting since we couldn't really see in the Dark. I felt myself grow weak. I thought he was Busy. He could've said he was going to the movie's with Tia and Liam. Perrie put her arms around me and hugged me. "don't worry Niall" she said whispering soothing words to me. "Whats wrong with him?" Harry asked . "Nothing he's just tired" Louis answered quickly. I got up and told Perrie and The boys i'd be back. I walked to the back of the movie Theater where Zayn Was. I took a seat next to him. He didn't notice me till i whispered in his ear "Busy to go to the movie theaters just not with me." I said. Building up my cofidence to tell him off. Liam and Tia looked at me . "What!" I scowled at them. "Niall I'm sorry i just needed to talk to them." Zayn said.

"About what? " I Asked. "I Can't say it" Zayn said. "Fine don't tell me" I said walking back down to my seat.

"Niall Please it's nothing bad i just can't tell you it's not important" Zayn said.

"Then tell me!" I said yelling at him.

"I can't! " Zayn said again. He looked like he was about to cry . "Then don't speak to me" I said i was literally about to Bawl my eyes out. He doesn't Trust me. he grabbed my arm again! "Niall wait I...Got kicked out of my house and I'm Homeless ! Okay I'm Homeless and Poor!" Zayn said causing people to look and 'Shhhush' us.

That was not what i expected.

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