Part 5: Some shix bout to go down

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(A few minutes later Sachiya pulls up and picks up Sasha)

Sachiya: Girl dont be crying over that boy he is no good all he do is cheat on you but then wants to turn around and tell you that he loves you and he sorry

Sasha: I know but the girl in the background sounded like i know ha.

Sachiya: OK so do you have plans for tonight

Sasha: ummmmmmmmmmm-

{Pookies phone goes off a.k.a me}its Princeton i need to take it ill explain lata

[PrincetonisSxy] Hey beautiful

[FlygirlPookie] hi ummmm is it ok if my Bestfriend comes with us

[PrincetonisSxy] Sure a friend of yours is a friend of mines

[FligirlPookie] ok ima txt yu lata 😘

[PrincetonisSxy] Ok😘

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