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the rain yapping outside

& pattering the window pane,

the sun just behind the clouds waiting

in the wing, the bodies rolling

in the quiet afternoon passion,

sounds resonating louder than the

thunder echoing in the room,

the summer haze outside eager

to reenter the town just after the

storm subsides, the winds ushering

in the leaves blowing round come

fall, the wet floods flushing the

wet fallen down the street in the

gutter, the yelling & the laughing &

the crying & the moaning & the

stale bored conversations of the

humans inside their dwellings

during the bitter cold of the winter

showing its face before & after the

wetness turns frozen white flakes

falling, comfort & weight gain through

the depths of late november,

december, january, february, march &

when april starts up the heat begins

again with global warming setting us

all to boil, with the rays burning

down, with the all the time in the

world to melt the ice that turns out

to wash all the dirt down into the

sewers, pulling the rest of us down

down down, right back into the earth.

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