My worst nightmare

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While sitting on the floor to the room i was thrown into. I finally whipped the tears away and looked around the room was beauitiful. The colors on the wall were nothing you would get in home dept. The gold trim around the room went well with the baby blue painted on the walls. The four poster bed had a baby blue comforter with gold and baby blue pillows there was window seats that lookes out over the courtyard. there was 4 Doors the one i was sitting infront of wad the bedroom door. Theres a huge bookshelf covering half of one wall and a vainty next to it...with my make-up on it? What the hell? Getting up and walking to ome of the doors and opening it, I found a huge bathroom 2 sinks a huge shower, a huge bath, and a cubby for the toilet.

Stepping out of that room, I closed the door and went to another one. Opening it i found all.of my clothes and many more that wernt mine but still had the price tags on them. There were shoes all over this walk-in closet.

Stepping out of the walk-in closet i went to the last door and opened it. It was a study with a huge stearo system, a desk with a laptop, an more books, a stack of my cds and more of my favorite bands cds stacked on a cd rack.

Stepping out of the study i sat back down on the floor flabbergased at how he kiddnapped me. Will i ever be able to see my mom and dad again? Will.i ever go home? Thinking these things brought tears to my eyes rolling over on my side and pulling my legs to my chest i cried myself to sleep on the wood floors of my new room..


Oh wow... is all i can say Lol


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