Chapter 4

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“Sleepover!” James cheered as soon as we were inside his house, then on a silent agreement we made a mad dash to the stairs, racing to get down their first, James was in front of me and I pushed is back causing him to stumble the rest of the way down. Laughing loudly I ran passed him and jumped up, belly flopping on the couch.

“I win! I win!” I sang as I got up to do a victory dance.

“No, you just cheated like you always do!” He play glared at me.

“You’re just jealous I’m so much more clever and faster.” I teased him and laughed as I poked my tongue out.

“Whatever Fi, whatever. You are so conceded it amazes me.” He smirked at me and pulled me to his room, “You’re changing, I want my shorts back and you look disgusting.”

“I’ll just take a shower; can I have another pair of shorts? I don’t want to wear jeans.” I whined. The only pants I had here were a pair of badly ripped up jeans, and I so didn’t want to go to bed as in those.

He scrunched his nose up at me, “Fine, but who better not wreck them, I don’t even know why I risked giving you these.” He said tugging on his shorts, almost pulling them off. He walked over to his dresser and started fumbling around. He had a smaller room, but it had its own shower so he never complained. He had a full sized bed with navy blue covers. He had a chair in here somewhere but it was so messy you wouldn’t see it if you didn’t know it was in the corner. I always told him his room was gross but he just laughed. His room was pretty boring looking to, with plain white walls and wooden flooring. Something smacked my face and I caught a pair of red Addis shorts. “Those don’t fit me anymore, you might as well have them.” He said shrugging.

“Score, free shorts!” It was sort of sad, but hey free shorts are free shorts I wasn’t complaining, I wore boy shorts anyways. Walking next to him I shoved him out of the way of his dresser, and pulled out the bottom drawer where I kept my stuff. Pulling out a pair of underwear and a shirt I walked to his bathroom. It was a basic white one, with a small sink, shower, and toilet. The sinks counter was covered in his boy perfumes, it’s sad but I made him keep this room clean, because I used it. Turning on the water to the shower I waited while it heated up. Oh jeez, we are too close, I thought as I realized I had my own shampoo and razor in here. We like a married couple!

Running out of the bathroom I screeched at James causing him to jump. “We are like a married couple!” I have yelled voicing my thoughts. “This is so sad, I have my own cloths in your drawer, I have my own shampoo, when the heck did become like this!” I was only half joking, seriously, it was kind of creepy, actually really creep.

James pulled a horrified face, “Oh my gosh, you’re right! We are like a married couple, ew.” I smacked him in the shoulder.

“Ew? What’s that supposed to mean?” he snickered at me and pulled his shoulder away.

“Nothing.” She smirked at me, I turned around and went back to my shower, it was already starting to steam and I happily climbed in the hot water and washed myself. Getting out I pulled on my clothes and my new shorts were way too big for me, bigger than usual. I had my hair down, and it was snarled around my face, I was too lazy to comb it right now. I found James flipping through channels as he lounged on the couch in the basement area.

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