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chapter 5:

"okay waht did he say??" i said as karmena put her phone anyway 

"errm he said to Skape him"

i ran to my room with Karmena to get my laptop. I got it and went on Skape. He called us and of course we answered

"VAS HAPPENING?!" Zayn said as karmena said 'Hello'

"AYYYYYYY" KArmena said 

"hey..." i said not getting what they are doing

"Hey!" Zayn said "You must be Suhyla!" he said 

"yerp that me!"

"okay so i been thinging and i got a plan!" Karmena said Happily

"Okay hold that thought i need to go to the lo!" Zayn said going to the 'lo' im guessing that means bathroom.. 

5 mins later Zayn came back

"kay Karmenay hit us sady with a karmena plan"

":O u to!" i said 

'yeah we we were in middle school we had a 'Karmena plan' and i almost wen to jail!"

"but u didnt!" karmena said protesting

"but you didnt!" zayn said mocking her

"anywayssss..." i said

"okay so we rent a beach house with the wanted lads and one direction lads with nathan's girlfriend and you me there"

karmena said happily!

"OH my god!" zayn said

"ur smart karmena" i said 

"YAYA" karmena said doing her i did it dance. Me and Zayn started laughing 

"wow time flys! its 10 need to get my beauty sleep!" Zayn said 

"haha night!" i said 

"ooo did i tell u were leaveing tomrrow night?!"

"KARMENA!!" Zayn said


"you just tell us now?!" 

"uh yeah?" 


"then go pack idoit!" 

"fine well see you tomrrow ur place karmena!"

"bye!!" i said

after we close i swear i was gonna kill karmena! 



"why did you tell me now??"


"whatever im going to call the boys and tell them to pack!"


"help me pack!"

"nahh i ight!"

"get out!"

"Glady see yeah tomroow sir!"

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