the lack

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is said to be what pushes us forward,

it makes one step out amongst the crowd

of the indifferent, to raise a finger

or to lift one who has fallen

with hands of compassion

or to yell with the voice of

a thousand roaring lions

at an obvious injustice &

yet, the lack of one act of meaning

in the life of any given human

is more the rule than the


the lack

the hole inside, greatens (it does not shrink

as time goes by---for with age comes

exposure to more injustice & more horrible

acts) &

when one starts to seek out

a path, one is labeled a seeker,

diminishing the search itself

due to the reduction placed on

an individual’s ambition

when such possibility gets

lumped into organized


that have failed in the past &

that continue to do so---

for the only way to fill the lack

the only way to develop an individual

sense that any genuine act can even be

completed, is to do so

by oneself. 

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