"Are you trying to freeze me Kendra?" Cassie shivered laying back on the bed, wearing the paper napkin dress which made nobody feel sexy. She looked down at her toes, mentally reminding herself she needed a pedicure.  

"I'll turn it down for you grumpy pants," The nurse who had become her friend, smiled and turned down the a.c. "Is the baby daddy going to make it today?"  Cassie nodded smiling to herself. Evan had missed the first appointment but she had the whole appointment recorded so she could re-watch it with him. Leti and Faith stood in the corner with the camera, silently recording.

She heard the door open and her man came strolling into the room, greeting the ladies but leaving the best greeting for her. He looked oddly relaxed, dressed in his jeans and polo shirt. "Hey baby, hey baby," She blushed when he caressed her stomach and kissed her passionately. It took the three women coughing to get them to stop making out. She miss her boo, she wasn't apologizing for it.

"Umm...unless you want your kid to see how freaky your butts are, then you'd stop it," Leti joked reminding them they were filming. She laughed, giggling as Evan kissed her forehead.

Kendra stood and readjusted the heart monitor on her stomach. She didn't even have a pudge yet but her jeans were fitting snugger. As of yesterday,she opted for loose fitting sweatpants and oversized shirts, since they felt more comfy. "The doctor will be right with you," Kendra smiled at them, squeezing her shoulder and exiting the room.

  "I'm a wreck," She bit her lip looking off into the distance. 

"You're always a wreck," Leti laughed as Cassie's sudden mood shift when her eyes brimmed with tears. Evan tried not to laugh but she was hilarious with her pregnancy hormones. 

"Evan, they're being mean to meeeee. Make them stop," She sniffled wiping her eyes with the sleeve of her sweetshirt. 

He said nothing  but tried to kiss her again, but she turned her back to them, facing the wall, her mood taking another shift.


"Sweetie, don't act like that," He laughed but she threw her shoe at him, hitting him hard in the chest. Pregnancy was making her violent, he thought as he picked up her shoe. "I'll make you a pickle and pringle sandwich when I get home," He tried not to gag as her eyes lit up.  Leti and Faith made sickening groans behind him and he laughed again as they turned off the camera and left them alone.

 "I know there was a reason I stayed with you," She licked her lips, awaiting her sandwich when she got home. Along with her mood swings, she had the most unusual cravings- there were trips to the Oink Joint for turkey bacon sandwiches with chocolate sauce. She was lining herself up for diabetes but her body craved this stuff. Her baby wanted the good stuff...

Her doctor interrupted the conversation, sitting next to the machine which she guessed was responsible for hearing the baby's heartbeat. "So you're the one with the strong swimmers?" Dr Wu smiled and nodded to Evan who stood by her holding her hand, kissing it lightly.

 "I'm the one," He sounded proud as he said it. At that moment, Leti and Faith returned armed with takeout, Chinese food to be exact. Her stomach churned even though she had eaten an hour previously. 

"Okay...now if everybody is here let's begin," The doctor, pushed the tiny button on the strap around her stomach and it was silent for a mili second. In that time, she studied the doctor who was examing her. She was an elegant woman, her African features strong but graceful. The only thing that wasn't African about her was her last name. She married an Japanese businessman and had three children by him, all before thirty three.

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