Chapter 3

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this has nothing to do with the story but go Steelers! whoop whoop! you suck colts! (no offense to any colt fans) (although you guys are winning :/ 24:17 but steelers still rock :P)


My life continued without a hitch and I was laughing madly as I ran from a really angry James. We were at his house and I had just nailed him with a water balloon he didn’t know I had, ya it was childish but so what? It was funny.

            “Oh Fiona!” He sang and I turned around to see him holding a bucket, and I knew it was full of water. When on earth did he get that? “Come her buddy, I won’t hurt you.” He said flashing me a wicked grin.

            “You wouldn’t.” I challenged him.

He just nodded, “Oh, I think we both know I would.” He took a menacing step towards me. It was either fight or flight. I decided, eh he would never see me coming, and maybe I could get him to drop it on himself. So I charged him with a loud battle cry. He took a shocked step back and I tackled him. My plan didn’t turn out right though, as I hit him to the ground the bucket of water flew up, and soaked us both. I was angrily grumbling while he was laughing his butt off. “Why would you charge the guy with a bucket of water? I’m seriously staring to question your sanity.” He laughed.

I glared at him; I was completely soaked through, even my shoes. I was wearing the same shoes I wore Monday my black and white DC’s. I was also wearing a lime green tank top and white and black athletic shorts. The shorts were way too big for me because they were James’s I slipped in a mud puddle before and he gave me a pair of his shorts. My green tank though also got wet but I didn’t want to drown in his shirt. So I was just speckled in mud, which some washed off because of the water that had just drenched me, but there was still plenty of it on me. Suddenly James laughter stopped and he gaped at me. “Fiona.” He breathed. “It’s Saturday.”

I just looked at him confused, “So, what does that have to do with anything? I’m hungry.” I had spent the whole day at James and we just goofed off all day, and I getting hungry, it was around supper time anyway.

“Fiona! You have to go to the Alpha’s house! Your dads going to blow up!” Understanding dawned on me. That’s right my family had dinner at the Alpha’s house tonight.

I swore loudly, “Drive me?” he nodded and we both raced to his car. I completely forgot about being caked in mud and soaked with water as we sped along the highway, until James turned on me.

“Your clothes! Your dad told you to dress nice! Oh man you’re going to be in so much trouble! Do you want to stop at your place to change?”

Swearing again I shook my head, “No, I’m already late and we’re already halfway there.” I groaned just imagining all of the things he would do to me, he would probably send me to school for a month and take away patrols. We soon arrived at the huge mansion, and I jumped out of the car, barely saying goodbye to James as I race to the front door. I didn’t even think about knocking as I raced in and followed the smell of food. Bursting through another door I came face to face with an angry looking father and a shocked Alpha. My mom gasped as she saw me, I noticed she was wearing a pretty evening gown. Perfect, way to make me look worse mom, I though glancing down at myself. I really was a sight for sore eyes. My shirt was now a gross green/brown color the water mixed with the dirt and made my shirt look really gross. James huge shorts hung down to my caves making it look almost like a skirt, and were almost falling off, because the tie on the inside came loose somewhere along the way. I pulled them up when I realized my boxers were showing, yes I had cookie monster boxers on at the moment, it was Saturday give me a break. I realized I left a trail of footprints as my shoes were still very wet. Then there was the matter of my hair, it was still dripping and hung in gnarled strands around my face. My parents are going to kill me.

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