chapter #2

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everyone stares at me and the image of jake fades

chris: umm paige jake died

chris was me friend not as close as me and jake was but we were somewhat besties

me: we need to talk

i grab chris and take him down the hall into a janitor closet

chris: what

me: i..i..

chris: you have too breathe your words

did i mention chris was gay

me: i see dead people

chris: i know

me: how?

chris: im dead i died a week ago no one found me

i run out crying, why are everyone dying all of a sudden, i dont make sense

i went home,too sad to do edocate

i looked up "alot of people dying"

it showed "deathening darkniss"

it means "everyone more then usal amount of people die,the darkness is looking for a right person to sacrafice, to the death god,sacrificing a spirits sould to the death god makes him have power/ control over everything for a month"

amiditaly i thought of jake thinking he was the right sacrafice

then i went into a some kind of gaze

i see something at the cornor of my eye

scary looking person in a black robe

scaryperson: we need you you know about the plans you need to be the death godess

and i was draged by air to him

i snapped out of gaze and i turn

jake was standing there front and center

jake: paige

i start to cry

me: jake,where have you been

jake: i have bad news

me: dont tell me your the sacrifice

jake: no im dead and no ome knows exept you

me: wha-

he vanishes

all thats going through my mind is wtf wtf wtf am i gonna do


he guys umm its kinda sadish but yea i love this story at 3 readers read this story ill update tell your frens :)





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