Chapter 1 ~ Home At Last

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Its been a few weeks since Cato and i have arrived home in District 2. Cameras have been swarming around our new houses in the victors village like crazy. Soon enough Cato and i must go on the victory tour. Travelling district to district getting congratulated on our win.

I havent seen him in 2 days. We've both been busy. Hes been talking with his stylist about the suit to wear to our wedding and the tour. We've hired a a capitol citizen to plan the wedding since we have no time. I still wear the golden ring he gave me in the arena. I never take it off.

Cato and i plan on moving in together. His mother is moving into an old folks home so she can take care of the elderly.

I wake to the sun peeking through the curtains. It shines in my eyes. I crawl out of bed and stumble into a warm shower. The water pouring on my body immediately wakes me up. I squeeze the bottle of shampoo onto my hands then lather it into my dark brown locks.

I step out of the shower and wrap a fluffy towel around my body. Its soft to the touch. I walk over to my wardrobe and chose a fresh pair of cloths for the day. A dark pair of jeans a floral shirt and a red hoodie. Its a bit chilly here in district 2. I begin to stamper to the phone so i can call my Cato.

"Hello?" His voice answers.

"Its me." I reply.

"Oh. Hey babe."

"Wanna help me pick up something i got mailed to us?" I ask.

"Love to. See you in a bit babe." He confirms.

"Bye." I say hanging up the phone.

I have to atleast get a bit of food in my stomach before Cato arrives which will be momentarily. I slither to the kitchen. A fresh basket of muffins sit on the counter waiting for me. I read the tag.

Welcome home. ~Mrs.Hadley

How sweet of Cato's mom. Bring me a basket of muffins. But i've been home for atleast two weeks. I feel like im turning mushy lately. Im not as fierce and angry as i usually am. Maybe its because of Cato. When we're with eachother we're different people. Happy, loving people

I hear a ring at the door bell. Its Cato he's here for me. I rush the the door and swing it open quickly. I jump into Catos open arms as he kisses me passionately. He twirls me around, the capitol cameras catching every bit of it.

They stay outside our houses all the time so when we leave they pretty much stalk us. I lace my fingers in with Catos and we begin to walk to the justice building where my package has arrived.

"So what is it that your going to pick up?" Cato asks.

"My picture. Well, its not really my picture but im keeping it anyway." I declare, being very vague on the topic.

"Marvel's picture?" Cato questions.

"Yes." I mutter.

"Why would you want to keep that?"

"He was my friend and the way he died was horrible. An arrow in the neck." I shake my head.

"Yeah and Elaynia, Katniss and Peetas arnt any better?" He posses.

He's right but were careers we kill people gruesomely, so what? The rest of the walk is silent until we reach the justice building. Cato and i walk up the stairs we once climbed up with excitement for the games.

A peace keeper stands at the front of the building with my package the capitol sent me. He hands it to me nicely.

"Congratulations Clove, Cato. On everything." The man, also known as Steven lets out.

"Thanks Steven." Cato says speaking for both of us.

I grasp the box in my empty arm. Cato is holding the other. I stand on my tippy toes and give him a kiss on the cheek. A smile creeps up onto his usually strict face. Now that we've won the games, Cato's been abit happier. But we still train. We must keep our malicious killer reputation going on. have a sudden urge to eat chicken stew from the market where Cato and i just met.

"Are you hungry?" I ask my Cato.

"What do we plan on eating?" He redirects the question to me.

"Chicken stew from the market." I smile.

He smiles back. I know that he remembers the same memory that we shared there.

First chapter in the sequel to "UnDying Love ~ A Clato FanFic"!!! Spread this story and my other Clato stories if u r a fan ;) ;) This is a short chapter my apologies. There will be longer chapters soon! I promise. Anything climatically u want to happen in the story inbox me ;) <3 love y'all

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