I woke up to the sunlight piercing it my room. I placed a hand by my face to block the harsh sunlight and closed the curtains. I glanced by the clock and it was 11:40. I took my iPhone out of the charger and checked my notifications. I saw an unrecognizable number that texted me. I unlocked my phone and went to the messages. The text read :

"Morning Beautiful ;)"

I studied the number more and I realized that's the number Princeton gave me yesterday! I screamed as I jumped up and down my bed. My dad busted my room door open and appeared with a bat.

" what's going on and who's in here?!!" he said, cautiously looking around the room.

"No dad nothings wrong...I just saw.....a scary picture hehe" I chuckled nervously. I didn't want to tell my dad about the Princeton thing cause I already know how he is with boys. I shooed my dad off and texted princeton back.

" Morning :) , what you doing?"

I left my phone on my nightstand and I went to my bathroom do to my hygiene routine. I took a shower and brushed my teeth. I heard my phone vibrate and made a notification sound. I slightly jogged to my phone to see if he answered back, I received a new text from prince. I anxiously tapped the message and he texted back saying

" nothing much, just chilling. We're in sound check right now and after this we are heading to a pool. Wanna come?"

" sure. What time are you done with sound check?"

" within 30 minutes, the pool's name is "riverdale pool"

" ok I' ll be there"

" alright "

I went and got changed quickly. I wore a cheetah print bikini with hot pink lining, a pink cover up dress, and flip flops. I grabbed my beach bag and a side purse and filled it up with things I would be needing for the pool. I went downstairs and ate a quick breakfast. The house was quiet, which meant my dad probably went to his studio building. I placed my plate in the sink and washed the dishes. I got the keys to my car and I unlocked it. Before turning on the engine on I realized that I should bring Crystal, since she loves her some roc. I pulled out my phone to text prince. I'd rather call him but maybe he was doing something but he can always read a text.

" hey um can crystal come , in case if you didn't know who she is , she was talking to roc yesterday"

I pressed send and I waited patiently for him to text back. As I was waiting , I turned on the radio and began jamming to ' Till I die' by Chris brown. As 3 minutes passed by I felt a vibration on my phone. It was a text from prince and he texted back sure. I sighed in relief and dialed Crystal's number. I waited as the phone line was ringing. After 5 rings, Crystal finally picked up.

" hello?" Crystal said through the phone.

" hey, so prince invited me to go to the pool with him today and you could come too!!"

" oh my god! Awesome! So when is it?"

" get ready right now cause the pool he told me about is kinda a long drive from here"

" alright, Kay I'll see you in a bit"

" ok, bye"

We both hung up and I drove to the gas station before I made a stop To Crystal's house. I payed for the gas and waited for the gas tank to fill up. Once it was filled I drove to Crystal's home. I parked by the side and honked the car horn. After a few minutes, Crystal appeared from her front door. She was wearing a white crop top with orange shorts and flip flops. She was also clutching onto a beach bag and she walked towards the passenger seat. I unlocked the car and she hopped in. I began to drive and we blasted the radio.


We parked at the parking lot of the pool that prince texted me about. I took out the key to the car and we grabbed our bags. We walked by the pool and I saw a curly Afro. I knew it had to be prince. We entered the place and prince saw Crystal and I.

" Hey crystal" princeton said, waving at crystal . Crystal did a girly waved and headed over to the rest of the people sitting down.

" hi Alicia, I'm glad you could make it" Princeton said, walking over to me and embracing me with a warm hug. I felt a nerve shot all over my body once he hugged me. It caused me to feel butterflies in my stomach. It was a good feeling.

" thanks for inviting me" I said once we let go of each other. Princeton lightly grabbed my hand, staring into my eyes. A girl walked right behind him and tapped him. His face turned from happiness into irritation.

" what are you doing all up on her?" the girl snapped at Princeton.

" I'm not all on her, we're talking" prince said in an angry tone.

I started to look at both of them confusingly.

" who's this prince ?" I said, slowly letting go of his hand.

" uh this is my....girlfriend Kennedy "

Once I heard the word girlfriend, I literally felt my heart shatter into a dozen pieces.

" Oh.. your girlfriend" I said with a cracked voice.

"...Yeah.." Princeton said, with his head down

I felt a huge lump on my throat. I didn't want to cry in front of him so I calm fully excused my self and went to the women's bathroom. I dropped my bag and purse onto the table and i broke into sobs.

Crystal ~

As Alicia approached prince I went to roc.

" hey roc" I said with a flirtatious wave

" hey wassup? You look great by the way " rod said with his hand on his chin, looking me up and down.

I was wondering if he doesn't like what he sees. I'm a bit curvy but not like Alicia. I mentally brushed it off and replied to roc.

" thanks , the pool looks nice "

" yeah, wanna get in with me?"

" sure"

Roc took off his t-shirt that he was wearing, exposing his toned abs. I was trying not to stare hard at him but I was in a daze. I immediately snapped out of it and placed my top and shorts in my beach bag. By the corner of my eye, I saw a girl popped up behind Princeton. I could tell by what they're talking about, Alicia didn't like it. I shrugged my shoulders and set my focus back on roc. We went by the jacuzzi instead of the pool . It was right next to the pool. He wrapped his arms around me as we were sitting on the seat in the jacuzzi. I wrapped my arms around him too. After a while, I noticed Alicia walking towards the bathroom. She wiped her eyes as she continued which made me wonder what happen between her and prince.

" excuse me for a minute " I informed roc as I got out the jacuzzi. I wore my shorts and I went to the bathroom where she headed. I heard sobbing and shuffling. I went into the bathroom and saw Alicia breaking down into tears.

" Alicia, Are you alright?" I aked as i rubbed her back.

"...." she remained silent.

" c'mon tell me what happened."

" nothing Crystal , nothing..." she finally spoke.

" oh really? Then why are you crying for?"

" can we just talk about this at my house? I don't want to waste my whole time telling a story in a bathroom."

" wait we're leaving? What happened with the invitation here?"

" fuck the invitation here crystal !! I don't want to be here anymore . You can stay here and all but I'm going."

" no it would be selfish for me to come and leave with you, especially of you're sad."

" then let's go" Alicia collected herself before grabbing her tote bag.

We both walked out of the bathroom. Alicia sped walked to her car without acknowledging anybody. Everybody looked at her in confusion except Princeton. His head was down and he was rubbing his arm. The unknown girl was next to him, playing with his hair.

" y'all leaving??" roc called out before I could leave.

" yeah"


" cause Alicia is not in the best mood and were both leaving."

" text me later?"

" I will" I assured .

I went into the passenger seat and drove with Alicia to her house.

Alicia ~

I'm in a bewildered state of mind Why was prince leading me on like that even when he has a girlfriend. I've had a special chance to know the other side of him. Not this "Princeton" that all the fans to see. But what shocked me was , I was also invited to a party that also had his girlfriend as one of the guests. Maybe he doesn't feel the same way about me, but I didn't think he would just do me like that. The car drive was silent. I parked on the driveway of my house and Crystal and I got out the car. I unlocked the house door and we both went inside. Crystal waited downstairs as I got changed into normal house clothes. I wore sweat shorts with a minnie mouse tank top. I placed my hair into a messy bun and I informed Crystal that she was able to be in my room now. I went on my laptop and logged into twitter.

" so why we're you sad?"

" I'm not sad" I muttered. " Pissed is the right word"

" Well, enlighten me"

" I came to figure he had a girlfriend ..." I sighed

" He did not just lead you on like that..."

" Yeah he did but he has a girllfriend already, I can't get mad at that"

" how could he do that though? I just think that's messed up."

" exactly, I'm just going to have to forget about him, he has a girlfriend. How stupid am I to think that he likes me."

" don't say that girl, he probably likes both of you or something."

My phone ringed. I picked it up to see who was calling me and it was prince. I declined it and brought my attention back to my laptop.

My phone kept ringing so I decided to turn it off. I was not in the mood to be talking to him.I wondered what was he going to say if I answered the phone. I shrugged it off . Crystal had to leave so I dropped her off to her house and came back. After being on my laptop too long , I glanced at my clock and it was 3:30 AM. I couldn't sleep. The thought of prince telling me that the girl next to him was his girlfriend replayed over and over again. I feel like it was taking over me. I was determined to not think about him anymore and I also wondered what took my dad so Long to come back from work. He's never been this late from coming back. I tossed that out of my mind and struggled to go to sleep.

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