The Not So Midnight Creeper

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Sadie's POV:

Last night scared me. He scared me. Chase. I can't believe I let myself get that caught up in him. Never again.

After I got home last night, I made sure to only say the bare minimal, in fear of letting him know just how much he gets to me. Then I just went to bed. I laid there for hours. Just...thinking. Especially about my parents. I miss them.

"Hey Sadie?" A voice whispers through my door.

Looking at my clock, the ominous green light flooding my dark room reads 6:45 A.M. Justin wouldn't be awake right now. Chase? Hmmm, he doesn't strike me as the type of person to wake up before dawn. "Yeah? Come in?" I say, turning it into a question.

I see his tall figure open the door just enough for him to slip in, and shut the door immediately behind him. He hesitates before turning around. But then walks full speed to my bed. "Can I ask you something?" He whispers.

"That depends on what you want to ask me," I clarify, sitting up. "Is it personal?"

"A bit." He admits, reluctantly."Actually, I was wondering how you're handling your parents death." Narrowing his eyes, he studies my face for my reaction. Luckily, I can lie pretty well, as well as hide my emotions.

Giving him a big grin, he grimaces. Obviously not convinced. Dropping the smile, my face goes blank. "As well as I can, I guess. Why?"

"Because..." He starts, sitting on my bed with a distant look in his eyes. "I lost my parents when I was your age too....they were, to put it nicely, not smart people. They did drugs. Bad drugs. And they were involved with some seriously stupid people. They got some synthetic stuff from one of their friends, thinking it could make them higher than normal, and ended up tripping too hard on it. They overdosed."

"Oh." I say lamely. "Why did you want to tell me that?"

"Because I remember how I used to help get past losing them." He says, his beautiful bright blue green eyes staring into mine. "And it wasn't a good way to move on." When I give him a questioning look, he sighs, clearly frustrated. "What we're you doing before you fell asleep?"

"I took a shower. Why?" I ask him, suspiciously.

Suddenly, he grabs my left arm, and lifts up the long sleeve shirt I had worn to bed to reveal bright red scars puckered up angrily. Criss crossing each other up and down my wrist with no exact pattern. "That's why." He whispers sadly. " can't do this. It's bad. For you, and for the people who love you. You're parents wouldn't want you to do this to yourself. I promise. Nobody would want this. Especially not for you."

Tears in my eyes, I look up at him angrily. "This is none of your damn buisness. At all. Leave me alone." I order, pulling my arm out of his grip, and angrily yanking my sleeve back down. "You have no right to do this to me."

"I have every right to help out a person in need. Especially one that I-" He falters, eyes widening. "Uh, that I, uh, have to teach...uh, soon."

"Listen, I didn't mean for it to happen, okay? It was an accident. I've never done this before. I promise. It's just..." I faltered, not entirely sure why I was trying to explain all of this to a complete douchebag player who'll be my teacher soon. Not to brother's best friend. "Listen, I'm fine. It won't happen again, ok?"

He raises an eyebrow in a skeptical expression. "I'd feel better if you'd talk to me. Just...just let me in. Okay?" He asks desperately.

"I can't." I whisper quietly. "Just go, okay? Justin will be awake soon." Lies. Complete lies. I just didn't want to let this man have anymore leverage against me. It was bad enough already.

Feeling his eyes burning a hole in the side of my head, I look back up at him. Bad mistake. Now my green eyes are entranced in his brighter hazel ones.

"Please." He begs. "I n-" My phone interrupts him, and he looks at my bed side table at my iPhone.

Grabbing it, I slide it to answer without looking at the screen. "Hello?"

"Hey Sades. How's it goin baby girl??" Trever asks happily.

"You do realize it's only like, seven in the morning...right?" I ask him, avoiding Chase's steely gaze.

"Mmmm, but I knew you were awake. You're always awake by now. I know you, sweetheart. So, what's up? Feel like a date, sweet cheeks?" He asks arrogantly.

Finally giving in, I look up into Chase's eyes again. His eyes are over bright, but trying to send some kind of message to me. Furrowing my eyebrows, I give him a questioning look. He looks pointedly at my phone, then shakes his head as if to signify that no, I shouldn't go on a date.

"Uhm, no Trever, I can't sorry. I have to go. Bye." I rush out before hanging up on him without waiting for a reply.

Chase stands up, and holds up at hand to me. I grab it without hesitation. But we both must have been too eager, because I end up crashing into his chest full force. "Oomph." We both grunt out to gether.

"Sorry, sorry...I'm so sorry." I tell him urgently, trying to push myself up, but my arms had instinctively wrapped around him when we fell, so my hands were trapped beneath him, on his lower back, mirroring his arms around me. Although his hands were rubbing the small of my back. With a determined look in his eyes, he drags his right arm up my back, and into my hair. Pulling me down a small amount, he hesitates, looking into my eyes, giving me permission to pull back if I want. But I don't. So with a small growl in the back of his throat, he pulls my head all the way down to put my mouth on his. Losing myself in the kiss, I hear a small moan, and distantly realize that it was me. In a bold move, he pushes his tongue out of his mouth to run along my bottom lip, and with a gasp of pure pleasure, I accept it into my mouth. And with that, our tongues start to dance together.

After a few minutes of making out, his other hand pushed itself in between us. He rolls us over so that I'm now on the bottom. Leaning back just enough to move his mouth down to my neck, I roll my head back to give him more free reign. Running his hand up and down on top of my stomach, he pushes it underneath my shirt. His fingers graze the bottom of my breast, and I let out a loud moan. In a burst of confidence, I roll us back over and shove his t-shirt off before he even realizes what happened. Giving his surprised face a grin, I push my mouth to his neck, taking my time to travel lower, while his hands roamed my naked torso. I hadn't even noticed my shirt being taken off. Reaching his flannel pajama pants, a put my fingers underneath the drawstring.

With a small, remorsefull groan, Chase put his hands on top of mine, stopping them from moving any further down. "No." He whispers forcefully.

Giving him a questioning glance, I open my mouth to ask him what he meant...but never got the chance. For the door opened at just that moment, and an extremely furious voice boomed,

"What the HELL is going on here?!"

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