As I walked back in I stopped dead in my tracks.. I saw something I had been dying to see since god knows when!! Standing infront of me was Simon Cowell. Yes the man who put my favorite band together.. This man right here is my idol!  

"Hello there love." Simon said breaking me out of my daze. "May I ask who this is Louis?"

"Yeah, This is Erin. Her and her friends won the radio contest to come backstage with us.. We liked them so we invited them over.  Everyone eles is out back." Lou replyed stuffing his face with a chicken sandwhich. 

"Well, Hello Erin! How are you? My bad, I'm Simon as you may know." Simon said.

"Hi, I am good. And yes I know who you are... You put my favorite band together. and I don't know how to thank you." I replyed shyly.  

"Well Love, it was all my pleasure. These boys are just absolutley amazing and I am glad they came to additions."

"Well if you would excuse me, I need to change for swimming." I said while shaking Simons hand. I walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs to Liams room.  I opened the door and my bags were on his bed.  I quickly walked over to them and opened it. The first thing on top was my 2-Piece checkered swim suite.  I quickly ran to the bathroom and changed.  The swim suite covered my stomach but hugged it nicely to admire my curves. I walked back too the back door and Louis was there with an evil smile on his face..  I slowly backed away intill I couldn't move anymore. He walked over to me and grabbed my sides. He threw me over his shoulder and walked out the back door.

"LOUIS TOMLINSON!! PUT ME DOWN!!" I yelled hitting his back 

"umm, That would be a negative." He replyed in an astronauts voice.  I continued to pound on his back, He suddenly stopped.. I was able to wiggle myself good enough to see around him.. He stood right on the edge of the pool.  

"Lou don't do it!" Liam warned.

"Oh but I am!!" Louis said with a creepy whitch voice.. I was suddenly flying over Louis' shoulder. I gasped when my bod touched the freezing ice water.  I was under water within seconds.. I pushed myself up gasping for air.  I swam to the side and pulled myself up.  

"And That's what you get for calling me Boo-Bear. Only Next time will be worse" Louis said and walked off to Harry's side.. Talk about Sass.  Liam swam nex to me.

"Hey, you okay? I didn't think he would go to the extreme." Liam said in concern.

"yeah I'm fine.. He just better wait for a better revenge than water... Do you guys have and carrots?"

"Of course...... Why?"

"You'll see... I'm going for a shower" I said and jumped off the edge of the pool

"Okay, I'll see you in a few?" He asked

"Yupp!" I said popping the "p"

I was walking to the bathroom when I heard Louis Singing.  I stopped outside his bedroom door, He was singing.. I couldn't make out the words... Just that his voice sounded like an Angle...  I quickly walked away when I heard shuffling from behind the door.  I walked into the bathroom and locked the door.  I turned on the hot water and a little cold.  I took a fast shower but still clensed my body.  I jumped out and relised I didn't have any clothes.  I wrapped a towel around my body. I walked out and into Liam's room.. OF COURSE!! Alll the guys were in there.. 

"uuummm..... Forgotmy clothes...." I said fast and grabbed mt suite case and ran out of the room.  I ran back into the bathroom.. I opened to case and saw Sweats and a over sized Jack Willis hoddie on top I took them out and threw on.  I took out my tooth brush and Hair Brush. I quickly brushed threw my hair and put it in a tight bun and brushed my hair.  I put everything away and walked out... there stood 5 blushing guys.

"Um Hey, were sorry we were starring at you when you walked in... We didn't mean to scare you or even be in there.. We just got caught up in talking" Liam said first.

"No it's fine. I should have remembered my clothes." I said Smiling .. Niall gave me a weird look like I was a crazy homeless lady... We all walked into the back room and I saw the girls sitting there...  They are jumped up when we walked in.  I looked everywhere for a sign of what was going on. Just to be safe I put my finger up to my ear ... Soon the girls caught on... Then Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam... Harry..

"GET DOWN MR. PRESIDENT!!!" We all screamed at Harry and tackled him..


Thanks for reading!! Gonna upload some more tomorrow... Whats gonna happen next?? hhhmmmmmhhhh.... *pondering face*

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