The start of something new

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Don't close your eyes. Don't say the last of goodbyes. Please stay here...

Chapter 2

***Dorian Pov***

 I was taking my normal routine walk and I heard her. Calling out to me. I felt as if all the strength left my body and all I did was run. I let my legs do all the thinking for me and I ended up at Lilly's school. I saw her getting upset and falling straight to the grown. My heart beat faster and faster I heard her in my head. Its all clear now... no it can't be. She....No it can't be she is...No Dorian think straight your just her babysitter nothing else. {She's the last task of Valcor instructions put yourself together and think about Caira.} My wolf can talk on its own? Wait what? Hello? 

{I won't be denied by you the animal inside of you....} I'm in charge! You have to do as I say wolf. Now let's go home....{Hold your horses... stay} No let's go.{Look Dorian...she fainted} What!? When I glance back she was already half way to the grown. Wait...can he...see me? {Yes and his touching her} My wolf took charge and a growl came without control. {He can't touch her!} Relax...he got it...let's go....{No Dorian! Your her protector...follow} I sight but gave my wolf the opportunity to prove him wrong. I was in charge but she's....

***Tyler's Pov***

"What nobody" Anna said to Lilly. I could feel her getting angry. Infact I could feel she was furious. I have to stop this before she kills her. I grabbed Lilly's arm before she hit her. I started yelling at Anna fangs out and so was Stacey growling hard and loud when I felt someone watching over us. You know that feeling you get when your being watched. I looked back and saw a guy hidden in some bushes standing, actually panicking, when Lilly felt straight to the grown. "Lilly!!!" I screamed. Then I heard him growl. I looked at him and I saw anger in his eyes when I touched her. Who the hell was he? Chill Tyler! His leaving now. Ok I should focus on Lilly.

"Lilly!!!!!" now Stacey was screaming with me. The only thing that came to mind was to take her to the school nurse so I tried picking her up and then it happened. She started to lift like levitating. I looked at Stacey a little spooked out and she just gave me the same look so I pretended to pick her up and took her to my car to go to the hospital. As I drove to the hospital Stacey was trying to wake her up. I glanced at the review mirror and saw a enormous wolf running with the car. "It cant be! My car is faster than any werewolf. " I yelled just forgetting that Stacey was there with me.

 "What!" now she was freaking out."Werewolf? It means he's an alpha! Run faster he might be one of the enemies"


 "Yes! Didn't your clan informed you about it?"

"No! What are you talking about?"

"Darkwolves Tyler!"

"What!What are does!?"

"They kill vampires, werewolves and humans Ty.They feed from our powers and human life! Drive faster!"

"Why the hell elders keep this shit hidden from us! One needs to know just in case someone encounters one. Damn you fucking elders!"

I sped up pushing my foot deeper on the gas pedal. I heard Stacey freaking out yelling at me" Faster Tyler faster!!!!!" I was starting to worry cause this wolf was damn fast! My car was pushing to its limit. "Tyler faster!!" still freaking out she kept screaming close to my ears killing my hearing. "I'm going as fast as I can Stace the damn wolf is fast" The car was faster than I have ever driven it. Making the tires shriek I avoid alot of cars in the highway who might be thinking why is there a enormous wolf chasing a car in high speed? I was begining to fear the worst would happen. We would crash and die! Either by the car crashing or the wolf crashing on us. I looked one more time to see how close he was when it hit me...its that Grey?

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