Chapter 2

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this is kind of just a filler chapter so ya...


Waking up I groaned, school. Man I really did hate school, mean girls always glaring at me, dudes checking me out, and teachers, ugh don’t even get me started they all hated me because of our agreement and were constantly looking for ways to get me to actually go to school. I groaned again as I sat up, the warm cover leaving my shoulders bare and causing me to shiver. Crawling all of the way out of the warm bed I stood up, debating just skipping. Ah they would can me for sure if I skipped. So I slowly walked to my closet.

            My loft had an all grey carpet, and my walls were painted a dark purple and grey. Purple was my favorite color but I would never admit it; James would laugh at me forever. My room was always really neat I hated it getting messy. I had queen sized bed with plain grey covers, a wooden desk and chair, and my favorite chair that faced a plasma screen TV. The chair was a comfy rocking chair because I hated sitting still; it even had a matching foot stand that also rocked. Underneath the TV was a table that held a game cube (best gaming system ever) and a DVD player, who doesn’t love movies? One of my walls was all mirrors that were sliding doors leading to my closet. I slid a mirror out of my way and looked at my clothes. I really didn’t feel like dressing up today in jeans, besides my normal attire were either ripped jeans or baggy athletic shorts. I either wore sweat shirts, plain t-shirts, or a ripped cut off. I chose some purple Air Jordan shorts, and a ripped black shirt. The shirt had a neon yellow and purple lettering, so it matched. The shirt was more than a cut off, it was cut all the way from the arm hole till my waste, showing off a side view of my stomach but I didn’t care, it was comfortable. I just had a yellow sports bra underneath so I matched pretty well, and I have to admit the outfit was pretty cool. To top it off I pulled on a purple gangster hat, and dug around my closet for my black and white DC’s. I looked like a bad*** and I loved it. Walking down my stairs I smelt the beautiful smell of bacon!

            Changing my walk into a run I bolted down the stairs to see my mother’s back turned to the stove sizzling bacon.

            “Bacon!” I screeched and ran to the plate next to my mother that already had some piled on. Grabbing some eagerly I howled in pain as I burnt my hand by touching the evil meat. “You could have warned me.” I muttered, and then gingerly I picked up the pieces I had dropped.

            My mother laughed softly and turned to grin at me, her smile immediately disappeared though when she saw me. Sighing she shook her head and asked, “You couldn’t have worn an actual shirt?” I opened my mouth to protest but she cut me off, “Even you can’t argue that, that is just a rag.” She gave me a disapproving look but didn’t say anything else as I grabbed a plate and piled it with the delicious meat grumbling to myself the whole time about how I liked my outfit. I was seated at the table watching as my mom cooked more, obviously for James when he got here. Some people said I looked exactly like my mom, we had the same glossy black hair and grey eyes, but she called them blue. We both had sharp facial features high cheek bones, full lips, everything permanently defined and sharp.

            The front door suddenly burst open causing me to jump a little and I heard the same yell I had just screeched a while ago. “Bacon!” James’s voice rumbled through the air and I heard his feet pounding in our direction and he burst through the kitchen door. Then copying my exact actions he grabbed for some bacon greedily, then howling as he got burnt, mumbling about how we could have warned him.

            My mother just shook her head again and said, “You two are so much alike, it’s a little creepy to be honest.” I shot her turned back daggers and looked over at James who was walking my way with a piled plate of bacon.

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