I got home from the supermarket and all i could do was dream. My mind was full of hopefulness. Thoughts of what if's flooded my brain.

               *what if he asks you out* i though.

                *what if you become his girlfriend* i thought.


                   My thoughts of Niall were interrupted by Annabelle calling me. I look at her, wondering what she wanted that was so important that she inturrupted my fantasties.


"Do you really think he's going to text you?"

"I don't know?"

"Do you think he liked you?"

"I couldn't tell, but i hope he does."


                       I stared at Annabelle. A faint look of worry washes over face. It looked like something was bothering her. Small droplets of tears appear at the corner of her eyes.She stared at the ground and started twiddling her thumbs. She looks up at me and bites her lip as if she wanted to say something but couldn't. She finally speaks after minutes of silence.

"A...am i pretty enough for Harry Styles?"

                        I looked at her puzzled. She was one of the prettiest girls in our high school. Her redish purplish hair was tangled. She ran her fingers through it.She reminded me of harry and how he would always do this, when ever he was thinking. (at least thats what ive seen on youtube.)

"Of course babe! You're gorgeous."

              She gave me an unsure look.

"im not so sure."

"Annabelle, you're so pretty! Don't you dare deny it!"

"i'm sorry." she sighed. Tears started running down her cheeks and i felt bad. She was my best friend. If she wouldn't listen to me, who would she listen to? I then knew what i had to do. If Niall ever did talk to me, i needed to talk to harry as soon as possible. For Annabelle's sake.

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