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Pen Your Pride

I was still on the sofa, not doing a thing but lying back with a glass of champagne whilst everyone runs around arguing about the safety of the world and universe. I found it rather pathetic to see so many strong, talented people and a god running around like a headless chicken in it's final seconds. IT was a funny sight though because every so often they'd bump into each other and that'd cause an argurment. The last arguement was stopped by Loki who lacked in fucks given aswell but he did it with a little more respect surprisingly enough.

He really has changed since he came back to Earth. He no longer thinks himself above everyone else like he used to. He's forgiven Thor and Odin for all the shit their continuous lies caused and they forgave him. He's still working on the whole calling Thor 'Brother' thing but he's getting there fast enough. He has even become friends with Bruce. The word friends is pushing it but the term 'Friendly Acquaintances' fit their relationship better. I think it's mainly due to the fact the hulk is waiting under his calmness for something to make him flip.

I smiled softly and took a sip before relaxing back into the sofa, remembering every memory of the past 6 months. Every little kiss, emotion and affectionate gesture. Every moment that i've had since he came here i've had the most fun ever and would never give them up for the world. He was my god of mishief. He cared for me and loved for me as much as i do him and i love him with every fibre of my being. He was my rock. 

I knew there were only two other things in my life that i cared about just as much as i did Loki and they were Kol and Anna-Marie. I know they'll never be my biological children but i love them as if they were. I was the cause of their mum's death so i fixed it. We gave them anything and everything they wanted and not so they were spoilt brats when they're older but to show our love for them. Tony still spent excessive amounts on them both but his attention when around them was mainly focused on Kol because when they're together all they do is play. Anna either watches and laughs at their idiocy or finds Loki. She's a 'daddy's girl' so to speak. When they came back from Disney, she ran and attacked Loki in a hug which made him laugh and everyone aww.

He doesn't seem like the type of man that could have the patience to look after and care for a child in their many emotional states but he seems to do it perfectly and enjoys it. Despite what everyone else seems to think, he really is the perfect man. Not only is he an amazing dad-figure but he's also my best-friend and lover. I smiled again when i realised how cheesy my inner thoughts on Loki are but they're true so i don't care. I then realised in the quite quiet rushing around it was a bit too silent.

"Where's Kol and anna?" everyone stopped and stared at me which gave me the answer but i needed it confirmed. "Where are they?" my tone was deadly calm and it seemed at some point as i stood up, i set fire to my hand. i could feel the layers of skin burn away but no pain came, not even when all was left were bones. The fire stopped at the bone thank god.

"He took them." Tasha finally spoke up but still had her head down. I smirked and waved my boney hand in a IDGAF kind of way. They all looked extremely confused which made me laugh a little.

"Leia, Love, he's more of a maniac that I. he could hurt them at any second." i shook my  and stared at my hand as i wiggled the bones.

"Do i look worried?" they all shook their heads. "good because i'm not but i am bored. I'm off to Lady Liberty anyone coming?"

"What about Kol and Anna?!" Tony shouted desperately. "Leia you cannot pretend you do not love them as your own." i smirked.

"Who said i didn't? I'm just taking a trip over there then i'm going to have some ice cream." his mouth fell open in shock.

"So we're going to sit back and watch him destroy earth with his doubles." I nodded and poured another glass of champagne.

"Pretty much but don't you worry your pretty little heads. It's all being sorted." I took a sip with a grin plastered on my face. "Now, Doctor, I've been told you have a problem getting the Vortex Manipulator working."

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