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    He brought her to an empty wall. Perfect. Right before her, a door appeared.

     "Oh my gosh. This castle has so many secrets... I can't wait to get out for summer vacation."

     He chuckled and held the door open for her. She walked in to see a room filled with nothing but books and fish.


      "Not just any fish, rogofish. If I am ever not here and you can't find the answer, ask them."

     "That is genius! Why doesn't anyone use them in class?"

     "Well, you can only ask them questions based on a word."

     "A word?"

     "Each fish is assigned a word. But, you can't assign the word to the fish. You get the fish, you get the one word it comes in."

     "So what words do these fish have?"

     "That is one reason why I need you. See, I have to earn some money, so I sell these secretly among the school. But, I needed more inventory. So I got them from a friend of my father, but at a good price. The price was so good, because he does not know the words. And I cannot sell them until I know the words. If they are words about what we are studying, you can use them. But until then, you need to find the word of a fish until I can tutor you. Start now."

     "Wait, how will I know?"

     "It will speak when you ask a question with it's word in it."

     She walked up to one of the fish. They all looked like goldfish.

     "Are you sure it is still alive? It looks dead."


     "Does it look like it is breathing to you?"

     The fish sprang to life and spoke. It's words sounded like someone tried to disguise it. It was low and eerie, it did not sound like a human at all.

     "Rogofish do not breathe."

     Then it spun in circles at a high speed. Nicole tried to ask it another question, but it would not stop spinning long enough to hear, let alone answer the question.

     "Great, I broke it!"

     "No, it can only answer a question every hour. Looks like you found it's word quiet easily. Hm, what good is a rogofish if all it does is talk about breathing? Anyway, let's start the tutoring."

     It became a daily thing. Tutored everyday after classes ended. Eventually the rogofish word finding ended, and they just helped each other out because they were friends.

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