Chapter 1

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unedited but hey.


I am so excited! Today I get to take another step in my fighting career. They want me and the rest of the kids in my group to view the aftermath of a battle. Their plan was to see if we can take the sight of dead people, even though they were just rogues. A lot were skeptical of me because I was a girl, but today I will show them. I will show them I can fight and handle the sight of death. I wanted to be a fighter of the pack when I was older, and I don’t want anything to stop me.

Being a ten year old girl though makes people wonder, and I don’t want them to wonder. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t make me a wimp. So I was going to show all the boys I’m as tough as them.

Looking through my closet I wondered what you should wear to view dead werewolves. Eh, I’ll just wear some shorts and a tee. Quickly throwing them on, the nerves started to settle in. I wouldn’t freak out would I? Oh please don’t let me throw up that would ruin everything!

“Fiona! Come on you’re going to be late.” I heard my dad call up. I loved my daddy he helps me with everything, I would not disappoint him to today.

“Coming Daddy!” I yelled back just as loud and turned to race down the stairs, since I had my own loft upstairs. How cool was that? My own loft! My brother is so jealous he just won’t admit it. I am the luckiest girl on earth.

My dad and I finally arrived to where the fight was. Our fighting instructors had been waiting for rogues for awhile, just to help prepare us. My nervous had caught up to me but I was determined not to show the boys. Jumping out of daddy’s high truck I put on a brave face. Taking a sniff I started into the woods in the direction of the stench of death. I saw the worst boy walking into the woods from a different car, as soon as he saw me he started running. Well I wasn’t going to let him beat me and I put on a burst of speed myself, I was always faster than him, he was just stronger. Dimly I heard my dad calling out for me to stop but then James would win so I raced on.

Racing along the woods the smell of blood grew stronger, but it was already stale. I let out a small snicker when I saw James behind me desperately trying to catch up, yea right stupid boy. I burst from the trees into a clearing. I saw the other ten year olds from my group and the instructor. They were all boys to not a single girl besides me. Some boys were wandering around the bodies others were glued to the teacher. I walked up to him only to be shoved from behind by James. I whipped around to glare at him.

“Hey!” I called irked, for all I knew he could have cooties.

“You cheated.” He yelled. He was just a sore loser and I knew it.

“Did not! It’s not my fault you’re a slowpoke.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“You did too, you cheater!”

“Did not, liar!”

“Did to!”

“Did not!”

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