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                    I used to think that i had the best family in the world. My parents weren't to strict and we always had fun on vacations going to new and fun places. My parents always got me the newest things and took me places on my birthday like New York City. They never embarrassed me in front of my friends or snooped in my business. The perfect life for a teenage girl but as i was about to find out on our summer trip to our cabin at the lake ( it's funner than it sounds) no family is perfect. No matter how good they look on the surface.

                                                             The drive to Lake Prescott was a long and tiring one. Being an only child i was stuck talking to myself ( my phone didn't have any service out here). Our cabin was painted all white with all kinds of flowers painted on it and planted around it. Roses, lilies,dandelions, tulips and many more. It was like a castle of flowers. It looked so cute when the sun was shining just right on the house. It was like 3D. The first thing i did was go swimming ( the bad thing about the cabin is that there's no one around only me and my parents but it's not so bad. There's a special place near the lake where you can get service for your phone) on the lake with my parents. We always ate around the fire while my dad tried to make me laugh. Then i'd go through my baby photo's. Yet this time i noticed something different. In the background i saw the faintest outline of the name Abigail but, that was weird because my name was Anna.

                                                  As i looked through all the pictures i noticed that none of them were me. In one picture i had blond hair ( even though i was brunette). In another it was my 3rd birthday the year 1998 ( even though i was born in that year). In all the pictures it wasn't me. I looked through a whole lot of my baby albums and none of them were me. Next i went through all my baby video diaries. It was just like the baby albums. What was going on? Was i somebody else? Had i been adopted? When i consulted my parents on the matter they started exchanging worried glances. That's when i knew my suspicous's were correct. It was not me in the baby pictures. Finally they told me what i was dreading to hear.

                                                          They said i was adopted. When i had seen those errors in my baby album I had just wanted believe there had been a mix up not that i was adopted. The story was that my real mother had died during birth and my real dad was to sad to raise me. My current parents had adopted me when their real daughter had died. What happened is that she was carelessly running in the road and a speeding car hit her. They hadn't told me i was adopted because they wanted me to live a normal life and they just wanted to pretend that what happened with their real daughter (Abigail) wasn't real. At first i was really angry at my parents for keeping such a secret from me (it made me wonder if they were ever going to tell me or if something like this had to happen to me before they would tell me) but then i saw the tears in my mother's eyes and all the anger melted away to sadness. I decided to take a walk to clear my thoughts ( my mom said not to be to long). I decided to go to the place near the lake where you can get service for your phone. I decided to call my best friend Taylor she would definitely understand what i was going through. She also had been adopted. When i told Taylor all that had happened she heaved a heavy sigh as though before the whole world had been on her shoulders. Then she said something that made my throat close up. I can't believe your mom would lie to you.

                                                                             When i asked what she meant she told me a whole different story than what my parents said. My mom wasn't dead and they hadn't wanted to give me away. But when they got in trouble with a mob group who wanted them dead they couldn't do anything but give me away. But now since the mob group has been arrested they want be back. Yet my parents ( the fake ones) don't want to give me away because it would be like the story of Abigail all over again. And they wouldn't be able to go through something like that again. That's why they said my  real mom was dead and my real dad didn't want me so that way i wouldn't go looking for my real parents. At first i had a mixture of feelings. I was mad that my parents lied to me twice knowingly (it was like who do i trust) and then i was sad when i remembered the tears in my mom's eyes ( a part of me understood how hard it would be to have to give away your only daughter after your other daughter died). Then i was angry once more for Taylor not telling me. I guess she must have sensed that i was angry at her and a firework of excuses came out of her mouth. I am so sorry Anna but, your mom said not to tell. She knew i knew because my parents told me a little while before you left. When i didn't answer she just hung up. I couldn't believe that not only my parents but my best friend had done that. Then as teardrops started falling I felt a hand on my shoulder.

                                                                            I jumped, but when i saw it was only my father i started breathing easier. Sorry, i scared you kiddo, he said. I started to wonder how long he'd been there but i had no time because he started to speak. We are so sorry we lied to you, but we love you to much to let some couple who gave you away come and snatch you from us. But they are not just some couple dad. They're my parents. My dad winced at the sound of the word parents. I'm sorry sweetheart, he said one last time before he did the unimaginable.

                                                                  When i woke up i was strapped down to a metal table in a room i had never seen before. The door was also metal and latched shut. When my mom and dad came in  i asked them why were they doing this. I'm so sorry pumpkin, my mom said. But we can't have you go and reunite with your real parents we just wouldn't be able to survive losing another child. I wouldn't have gone to live with my real parents, mom. I love you guy's and would never leave you, i said with as much dignity  as i could muster being strapped down to a table . My mom and dad both smiled and shook their heads and then left. I wondered if they were ever going to feed me when my arms and legs came free and the door started to inch open. Yet instead of my parents coming in somebody else came in. The women had messy, long and dark brown hair and the man had reddish brown hair and a scraggly mustache. The inched towards me and started gesturing for me to follow them and to be very quiet ( usually i wouldn't follow strangers but what other choice did i have). As we were nearing the exit though suddenly my parents appeared both with a shotgun in hand. We thought you might pull a stunt like this, my dad said. then they did something that would haunt me for life they killed my real parents ( i figured that out when i saw the shotguns). Also at that instants police sirens started wailing. Before my parents could even move though they were being led away.

                                                 It's very weird how i could ever believe i had a perfect family.

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