For the money

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 Nathan moaned as he awoke from an uncomfortable sleep. He tried to open his eyes but found that there was something blocking his vision. He tried to move his hands but it seemed they were tied to his back. Slowly recovering his senses he realised that he wasn't even lying down. Nathan began to panic as he tried to free himself from the thick ropes which kept him strapped down. He tried to scream but it came out muffled.

"Hey hey calm down those ropes are expensive," said a voice, the person spoke in an almost jokingly manner.

"I really don't get you Shade how are you so carefree," spoke a voice with a smooth low tone.

"Shh what are you doing you can't reveal my name to the kidnappee," the first person spoke again.

Suddenly the blindfold was ripped away from Nathan's eyes. Standing in front of him was a fairly tall man in black suit, a black fedora sat on top his thick curly hair which partly hid the man's deep blue eyes.

"I am the one they call the silent killer, the treasured sniper of our super organization know as Ghost, my name is  ... SHADE!!" 

Nathan stared at man completely flabbergasted as he danced around the room with showy antics pointing his fingers in the shape of a gun. 

The man then turned to a taller muscular man." See only my introductions do both my self and our organization  true justice."

Nathan couldn't help wondering what kind of weird dream this was.

"Get that man out of the room!" Barked an authoritive voice, it came from a rough looking man in a blue and white polo t-shirt.

Shade was dragged away yelling loudly as the rough looking man rubbed his forehead as if he was stressed while Nathan watched on completely bewildered.

The rough looking man then turned to Nathan, his face was serious and  his glare sent shivers up Nathan's spine. 

"Listen up kid," the man began," This ain't no sick dream, as Shade would have you think, this is real, you've been kidnapped by Ghost my group of killers."

Nathan could feel his heart beating against his chest as he slowly reached a point of shock. How could he forget what had happened? of course this wasn't a dream. His vision began to dim as  he focused in on the man who spoke to him. His breathing accelerated as the man arose revealing a large gun on his chair, a rifle.

The man raised the gun slowly poking it into Nathan's beating heart.

"Of course there’s one way for you to live"

"What," Nathan asked weakly as he stared down the rifles twin barrels.

" This is an assassin group we make money by killing whoever it is we have to kill as long as the pay is good and it just so happens that we need a new member,"

Completely desperate for a chance to escape his seemingly in evitable doom Nathan nodded.

The man backed away lowering his rifle.

"Seems we have an understanding."

Nathan hardly listened as he tried to convince himself that the only reason he agreed was for the money.

The man raised his rifle again.

"Goodbye Nathan"

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