"Mom, this opportunity will be good for me. I need to get away from this small town, from Jake. I love you, okay?" I said as my eyes started welling up with tears. I enveloped her in a huge bear hug and we rocked back and forth on my front lawn.

"Call and text us, okay baby? And stay safe." she replied, completely shocked by the whole situation. She fixed my PINK tank top and tugged it down more so my stomach wasn't exposed. My hair was in a fishtail braid and I was wearing Hillside High School Field Hockey roll up sweat pants. I was sitting on a bus all day and I was SO not getting dressed up.

"Please don't leave." Christine whispered, looking me in the eye as I finished hugging my mom.

"Aww, Chris. I know we wanted to graduate together, but when I reach Great Britian, I'm sending you a plane ticket and you are coming here before you leave for University of Maryland this summer, okay?" I reassured her. She was like my little sister. Christine was so sweet and innocent, it was hard for me to say goodbye and leave her here.

"Okay. Have fun. Please don't forget about me." she could only whisper, close to sobs. Her face was streaked with tears and I gave her a bittersweet hug.

"Have fun, kiddo." My dad said softly.

"Bye dad." I said with a small smile and a quick hug.

My bags were loaded in the taxi to take me to the arena where the tour bus was parked. I took one look back at my house as I got into the cab.

"See you in a year." I said to myself, mostly.

"What was that?" the cabbie asked.

"Nothing, sir." I replied to the old man. I mentally flipped Jake's house the bird as we drove by it. I looked out the window to see the small town I had never left before. The little boutiques and cafes knew me by name. I was practically royalty here. I had to leave all that behind me, now. I wasn't Ryann Moran, girlfriend of Jake Porter, It Girl. I was Ryann Moran, girlfriend of Harry Styles, nobody. 

After a while, we reached the Tulsa arena where One Direction's tour bus was parked and I took out my earphones to unload my bags. Harry and the boys were waiting outside of the bus. I stepped out of the cab.

"Ryann!" Harry said, running up to me and giving me a hug. It felt good to have strong (rebound) arms around me once again. I may be a bitch to use Harry as a rebound, but c'est la vie, right?

"Well, won't you look at those two love birds?" Louis said loudly.

"GET A ROOM!" Niall yelled in his Irish accent. I hadn't picked it up until now. That must have been why he was excited by my old school Irish name.

We pulled apart and Harry picked up my bags. "Ready to go?" he asked me as I took a coffee that Liam handed me.

"Yep, I guess. And thank you Liam." I thanked him graciously for welcoming me on their tour with them.

"Good morning boys! Good morning Ryann!" Simon greeted us, coming out of one of the other tour buses.

"Hello, Simon." We all said.

"Well, it looks like my assistant went to go grab us some bagels for breakfast and as soon as he gets back we'll get on the road. Boys, we need you to practice a bit today and get on working on those new songs. Ryann, you need to focus on you're studies. And make sure you and Harry spend some time to get to know each other today. You need to know each other to convince the public you are a couple." he instructed.

 An older looking woman with very very blonde (dyed) hair approached me. "Hello, dear! I am Mary Anne, your tutor! Pleasure to meet you, erm... Ryann is it?" she said kindly. I exhaled with relief, not realizing how stressed I really was. She reminded me of a nice mother who would drive everyone in her mini van to soccer games and bake cookies for her childrens' bake sale. Everything was so foreign to me so far (quite literally) and having someone farmiliar and hospitable was great.

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