Dear Luke,

                   I’ve had plenty of people leave me in the past, you included, and I’ve learned to be okay with that. People leave and it’s something that everybody has to go through. Even the nicest, happiest people in the world get left behind but that’s just life. There’s no way of changing that and everybody just has to face the facts that one day not everybody will stick around, not everybody will like you. Not a lot happened in my life that you should have been around for; not much happened that’s worth talking about. Maybe something good could have happened if you had stayed, but you didn’t and there’s no time left in this world to dwell on what could have been. What if’s have no place in this world - they’re a waste of our time. We should be focusing on how to live our lives in the present and not on how we should have lived our lives in the past.

       I may be a magnet but so are you. What makes you think that it’s easy for me to stay away from you? Luke, you’re my best friend and I’m never going to regret telling you this; I have feelings for you and I don’t know whether that’s a good or a bad thing. Either way, you’re a magnet and as much as I want to be attracted to you, I’m going to keep pushing you away. We’re not meant to be together no matter how much you think we are. No matter how much you missed me, no matter how many times you tell me that I’m beautiful. No matter what, Luke.

       It’s been eleven years and these feelings for you are just growing stronger with every word I write. In every single letter I write to you, every single reply you send, I grow more intent on the idea of there being an us, but it can’t happen. It shouldn’t happen, Luke, and I try every day to force myself to believe that there should be nothing between us, but something happens and I break. I’m not in love, Luke. I broke myself.

       I’ve fallen in love.

       your best friend, Wendy x

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