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                It’s a bright, brisk September morning. I yawn, stretching a little. ‘Man,’ I think, ‘I hate Monday’s cuz that means I have gym first.’ I get up, get changed, and follow the rest of the routine. Today I had my favorite cereal, Honey Nut Cheerios.

                I got to my bus stop when the bus arrived, which I have been doing since school started. I was the last one on—again. I get onto the bus and sit on seat 24; it’s kind of like my assigned seat by now. I am silent the entire half hour on the bus because I do not-nor would I like to-have friends on my bus. It is a slow and painful fifteen minute morning drive on the bus. Finally the bus arrives to the school!

                Abner Acacia’s Epeoltry is a stupid name for a stupid school. It literally means “My father is a light tree that worships words.´ in English.

                “Hey Jerisco!” My best friend, Verasi, called.

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