*Skip ahead one year, and to summer time.* 

After months of school, summer finally came. I wasn't entirely happy, mostly because I would be seeing not only my best friend, but Isabella less. 

"Oh my, you've changed quite a bit since I last saw you, Chris." My Aunt told me when she saw me one summer day. 

I did, in many ways, all because of Isabella and I was proud of it. I was no longer insecure about pretty much everything about me. I was happier than I ever was before she came along. I actually started to feel more like I was wanted at my school, too.

As time continued to pass on, I began to think of what life would be like if I were ever to be with Isabella, like as in a 'more than friends' kind of way, more and more. I mean, a guy can dream, right? I didn't bother to attempt anything else other than just being nice to her all the time, though, because I preferred her to like me more for who I am, not who I'm not. Later, though, I realised how silly I was to think about something like that, so I stopped. 

"I should probably get to know her more." I thought, even though I already knew pretty much everything there was to know about her.. Well, except maybe what her favorite stuffed animal was when she was little.

During the summer, I couldn't seem to keep my mind off of Isabella so I would text her everyday to see how she's doing but received no reply.  

"Maybe she's just busy... Maybe she's gone on a trip, or maybe she just..... I DON'T KNOW!" I thought to myself while wanting to yell it out loud at the same time. I was slowly becoming impatient with a few things. Well, actually, I was more worried about just one thing; if she was okay. I mean, I knew her neighbourhood was safe and all but it wasn't like her to just not reply to any text messages. I wasn't too worried though, so I continued on with my summer. Though it was really boring without having her to talk to, I still lived. I had talked to her the previous summer, and let me tell you it for sure made my summer way more enjoyable, but still. I'm not one who complains or always wants things to go my way.

By the end of summer, I hadn't heard from her at all. Now I was very worried. Mainly because I was going in to a new grade and heading to a new school. High school, to be exact. When the first day of my new school came, I cried for a long time after waking up and getting out of bed. My mom thought it was because I didn't want to go to school and because it was a school I'd never been to before. No, that wasn't why. I cried because I felt as if I would never see her again. I know I had only known her for two years, but that was long enough for me to have reason to care about her so much. 

"Chris, stop. It's okay." My mother said, trying to comfort me. 

"No it's not. Nothing is ever 'okay' for me." It was true. Every bit of happiness that came into my life either was lost somehow or simply forgotten by me. I really hated having to let go of things and/or people all the time but I guess it was a part of life. I've never actually cried before in my life time. I did when I was younger once, but that wasn't for real of course. But, like I said, I've changed a lot. Whether it was for the worst or for the better, I really didn't know at the time.

As the first week of high school came and went, I made a few new friends quickly while sticking by the side of my old one. I really did miss Isabella, a lot. But I continued on through school. I didn't go one day without thinking about her. I didn't mind that most of the time, because thinking of her always cheered me up when I had to deal with random stuff at home.

I honestly don't know why I thought I'd never see her again. Guess I was just used to that always happening.

Then one very special and glorious day came along about half way during the school year. It was like an easy dose of a "forget-all-your-problems" medicine that I really needed for the longest time.

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