Chapter 9.

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Ok. So yes. This will be another time skipped up. Sorry! any way! I hope you guys like it and again thank you to everyone reading this! I know I'm a terrible writer but I love to write fanfics :D There will be two or three different Pov's in this chapter so.... yeah :D


6 months later-

Niall's Pov-

"Are you guys ready yet?" I shouted to Liam and Zayn. Liam walked out of his room and looked annoyed. " Ok. I know your excited to see Kimmy and Mariah but we don't need to be at the airport for another 45 minutes! We only live 10 minutes away!" Liam said sturnly. Zayn stepped out of the bathroom. "It takes time to get my hair perfect!" He yelled before slamming the bathroom door. I don't get what he is so mad about. His hair is perfect right now! There wasn't a hair out of place!

I turned back to Liam. "I know but we also have to go pick up Harry and Louis and make sure we're there before their flight comes in!" I said annoyed. Liam put his hand on my shoulder and said calmly," Niall. We will make it intime. Just give me 5 minutes to finish and then we can go." I took a deep breath. "Ok. I'm sorry." Liam nodded and then walked back in his room.

I walked down the hall and went into the guest bedroom that would soon be Kimmy's room. We put a tv up on the wall for her and there was a queen size bed for her. She had shipped over her white dresser and desk and I had set those up in her room. I smiled knowing I was going to be in the room right next to this room.

"Ready!" Liam and Zayn both shouted. I walked out of the room and started to jog down the stairs to the living room where Liam and Zayn were waiting. "Let's go boys!" I said rushing past them and opening the door. Liam drove us over to Harry and Louis' flat and they jumped in the car with us. Zayn and Liam sat in the front seats while Harry, Louis and I all sat in he back. The girls would need to just kind of squeeze into the fourth seat in the back with us. Guess we'll be pressed close next to each other. I smiled to myself. I didn't have a problem with that. 

We got to the airport and we all put our hoods on so we wouldn't be reconized. We walked over to the waiting area and sat down. Flight 9 has just landed. "That's them boys." Louis announced standing up. Harry and I both jumped up and ran over to the gate. People filled out but I didn't see them yet. Finally I saw them. Kimmy looked around and then spotted us. She and Mariah ran over to us with their luggage. Mariah dropped her all her bags as she jumped up on Harry. Tears were streaming down her face.

I was suddenly on the floor. Kimmy was on tiop of me laughing. She had tackled me with a hug. I laughed as she got up and helped me up. I embraced her in a  tight hug and I felt my shoulder get wet with her tears. "Omg! That's Niall Horan!" Someone shouted. I let go of Kimmy and realized my hood had fallen down when I was tackled. Cameras started to flash and screaming girls were running over to us. Liam, Zayn, and Louis grabbed the girls bags and we all raced to our Convertable and climbed in. Liam started the engine and we sped away from the airport. We all cracked up. I looked over and sighed as I saw that Harry and Louis were on either side of Kimmy and Mariah. 

Harry put an arm around Mariah and they started to make out. "Hey! Why don't you two wait until you get back to the flat before you start getting all lovey dovey!" Louis shouted hitting Harry in the head. Kimmy and Mariah laughed. Harry just rolled his eyes and looked out the window.We dropped Louis, Harry and Mariah off at their flat and drove off to our flat. When we arrived we all jumped out. Zayn and Liam grabbed Kimmy's bags and we all walked into the house. Kimmy stopped in the doorway and had a look of shock on her face. "This is your flat! I've seen smaller houses!" She screamed. 

 I laughed and lead her upstairs. "Here's your room!" I announced. Liam and Zayn walked in front of us and put her bags on the bed. "God what do you have in these?" Zayn commented with a smirk. "Omg! This room is huge!" Kimmy laughed ignoring the question. "Ok. Before you start screaming about how tall the doorway or something is, can we get our hugs?" Zayn asked holding out his arms. She walked over and gave Zayn and Liam both a hug. "Ok. We'll let you unpack. The truck with the rest of your stuff should be here in like an hour and Mariah, Louis, and Harry are going to come over after Mariah unpacks." Liam said before he and Zayn walked out. 

"Want any help?" I asked. "Nah I'm fine. I might need help later though when the truck comes." She replied looking through her suitcase. "Ok then. I'm in the next door over if you need anything." I walked over to my room and shut the door. I sat on my bed and logged onto twitter. "Who was that girl with Harry's girlfriend and you guys at the airport?" "Is that your girlfriend?" There were thousands of tweets and pictures of us at the airport with Kimmy and Mariah. 

"She's just a friend guys!" I tweeted. Within the first 20 seconds there were 29,384 retweets and 13,489  favorites. I sighed knowing a picture of us at the airport would be the front cover on every teen magazine this week. We'll have to do an interview explaining that she is just a friend of ours that is staying with us. I'll remind the boys of that later. I looked at the clock and yawned. It was only 11:00 in the morning but I had woken up at 6:00 to make sure everything was ready. I shut my laptop and layed down. " Just for a couple minutes. That's all I need." I whispered before closing my eyes. 


Mariahs Pov-

Harry and Louis carried my bags into the flat and brought them upto my room.  "Well I'll leave you two alone but don't take too long unpacking. We have to go over to Liam's Flat later. We're going to have some kind of little party or something, but first I want my hug! You were all over Harry at the airport so I didn't get a hug!" He said dropping my bags and holding out his arms. I laughed and walked over and gave him a hug. He left the room and I started to go through my bags. 

I looked up and saw Harry smirking at me. "Yes?" I asked standing up. He walked over to me and pulled me close to him. " I was just admiring how cute your bags are." He smirked. He leaned in for a kiss but I pulled back. "Oh I see. You think I'm going to actually kiss you after that comment?" I mocked. "I know you will." He answered trying to pull me into a kiss again but I stepped back and crossed my arms. "And how do you know that?" I questioned. He grabbed my waist and held his lips only centimeters away from mine. "Because I'm irrasistable." He sassed before he kissing me. 

After about five minutes of us making out I felt water being sprayed on my face. Harry and I looked up and saw Louis standing there with a squirt gun. "What part of " don't take too long unpacking," did you two not get?" He asked sturnly. I let go of Harry. "Aww! Your both blushing!" He laughed. I looked down and started to pull things out of my bags. "Shut up Louis." I muttered. "I'm sorry love." He said kneeling down to look at my face. I looked up and sweetly smiled. "It's fine Louis." I quickly pushed him back when he tryed to stand up and he fell straight on his back. 

I finished packing and we all got into Louis' Dark Blue Lamborghini. Louis turned the radio on and "Torn" came blasting out and I started to sing along. "You have a beautiful voice!" Louis and Harry said. "Thanks." I smiled. " Nothings fine I'm torn."  

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