Chapter 2: Here's My Number

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>> "Nina" <<

"Niall you know you can't give this girl your number." scolded Liam. "It'll be a huge risk."

"I don't see why not. She thinks I'm a normal person. She'll never find out." I say, disagreeing with him.

"No really Niall. This is a horrible idea." said Zayn, still blushing from the joke I made about him being vain.

"I just think this is a good way to communicate with fans without them freaking out." I say, looking back down at my phone.

After arguing with the boys for a good 10 minutes, I gave up.

"Fine." I said, holding my hands up in the air. "I won't give her my number."

"Good. It's just the best thing to do, Niall." said Harry.

"Okay whatever. I'm gonna go get something to drink." I said, getting up from my place on the couch.

I walked into the kitchen and casually looked back to make sure none of the boys followed me. I pulled my phone out of pocket and typed back.

To @MelanieCampby_1D: Sure why not! (: It's 020-3269-1525.

I pressed send. No harm done right?

I know it's short, I'm sorry. I would right way more but I'm sick and I can't stop coughing and it's giving me a headache. :( I'll post another chapter on Wednesday. (: Bye guys. x

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