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I just seen two guys skateboard past my house and I've never seen them before. They are kinda good looking too from what I saw xP Anyways lol enjoy(: Oh and I don't think you guys got to see the pic of Matthew so if ya didn't I put it up again! 

Matthews P.O.V 

I woke by the sound of my t.v, I open  my eyes and turned my head and quickly hit my forehead on my guitar "Fuck" I mumbled and rubbed my forehead, seconds later someone started nocking on my door like crazy, I slowly began walking over. They stop nocking for two seconds and began nocking again "I coming!" I yelled. 

I open the door and saw Uncle Ashley and Aunt Amanda standing there "Uhm hi?!" "You sound like you're not happy to see us!" Aunt Amanda said and walked in and quickly gave me a hug "It's not that, I just wasn't expecting you guys here" I told her and looked outside and saw Roxy, Courtney, Brigitte and Austin in the van "Or Roxy, Courtney, Brigitte and Austin I slowly said "Wow, someones voice changed since the last time we seen him!" Ashley chuckled "It's just the joys of becoming a young man" Aunt Amanda said. 

 I sighed and walked over to them "Plus you haven't seen me in two years" I added "Anyways, what are you guys doing here?" I quickly asked "Well we are all going out for breakfast so we thought we would ask you to join us!" Aunt Amanda said and looked at me and what I was wearing "You there" she walked up to me and put the tip of her fingers on my shoulder and led me to the stairs "You're going to have a shower first!" 

"And hurry up! I'll give you an hour!" she said loudly as I walked up the stairs, I quickly stop and turned around "An hour?! I gotta have a shower, get dress, flat iron my hair in an hour! I bet you can't even get ready in an hour!" She laughed "No but you don't wear makeup!" she told me, I turned around and ran up the rest of the stairs and into my bathroom. Well Roxy's and my bathroom. 

I turned on the hot water and some cold water then I quickly walked in my room and grabbed my black skinny ripped jeans and my Metallica t-shirt and a pair of socks and boxers then quickly walked back to my bathroom and placed them on the counter. 

I took off my clothes from yesterday and threw them in the basket then went in the shower. I stood still for a couple of minutes enjoying the warm watter, I reached out for my shampoo and put some on the palm of my hand, before I put it in my hair I looked at my hand which I was happy for 'cause I almost put Roxy's shampoo in my hair. I don't feel like having my hair smeel like vinilla or whatever kind of shampoo she has. 

I quickly washed the shampoo off my hand and began washing my hair with my shampoo then washed my body. Once I was done I wrapped a towel around my waist and quickly dryed my hair with another towel, I then looked down to my drawer that I had but a lock on. The reason why I put a lock on it is 'cause I don't want Roxy to get a hold of my razor at 13 when I first got a hold of my first razor. I don't want her to get a hold of one all! Nor do I want my parents to find out. Mom would probably cry and watch me 24/7 and dad..Well I don't know, he will probably take off the lock and make sure there isn't a razor anywhere! He would probably be really dissapointed too. So it's just better off that no one knows. 

I reached under the rug thing we have by the shower so we don't get the floor wet and pulled out the key for the lock. I unlocked it and slowly open it, once I found my razor I looked at my wrist to find a spot to cut, I didn't want to go to high up my arm 'cause I don't have enough bracelets so I looked at my other wrist and found a spot. I held the razor to my skin. As I was just about to slide it across my wrist I herd nocking on the door "Hurry up!" I herd Ashley yell, I jumped and quickly threw my razor back in my drawer and locked it then put the key back. 

"Ok" I yelled over the sound of the fan. I then quickly dryed my body and put on my clothes and as I was about to plug in my flat iron Aunt Amanda started knocking on the door demanding me to get out so we can leave so I quickly grabbed my hat and put it on then put on all my bracelets and walked out. 

Once we got to the restaurant and got a seat, Roxy and Courtney started talking like no tomorrow, Austin kept asking me questions like why I wear so many bracelets and why is my hair long even though it's not that long...Right!? And uncle Ash and aunt Amanda sat there laughing, I'm not sure if they are laughing 'caus of me or 'cause Roxy and Courtney are talking about something weird. Brigitte was the only quiet one at the momment. 

Once our food got here everyone was quiet. When we were all done, uncle Ash went to pay while we all walked back to the van, we sat there for a couple of minutes listening to music until Courtney showed Roxy her new shoes "O.M.G Where did you get those?!?!" she asked "It's a really awesome shoe place! It's called Journeys" Courtney told her "Hey mom?! Can we go to the mall??" Courtney asked aunt Amanda "Uhm, I don't know. You'll have to ask dad" she told her "Ask dad what?" uncle Ash asked as he sat in the van, I was confused on how he herd aunt Amanda tell I saw that  his window was open. 

"If we can go to the mall!" Courtney said "I guess we could take you guys shopping!" Uncl Ash said and turned around to look at all of us "Where in the mall do you want to go?" he asked "Can we see if they have Journeys there?!" Courtney asked "Sure" uncle Ash said "Plus it looks like you could use a new pair of shoes there Matt!" he said, I moved my toes around and looked at my shoes "Not really" I slowly said. 

We finally found the shoes place and looked around, Roxy tried on a pair of black and purple skater shoes and fell in love with them. After looking around half the store I found a pair that I really liked, I picked them up "You like those?" uncle Ash asked "Yes!" "Ask for your size!" he told me, I looked at the price then back to him "It's ok, go!" he told me, I smilled and took a step back then felt someone else back against mine, I quickly turned around "Sorry!" we both said at the same time then laughed. She looked around my age, she has black hair with some white parts and blue part along with a raccon tail type thing. She has green eyes and black makeup, she was wearing a Kiss shirt and black skinny jeans along with black convers the same as mine. 

"Those are nice shoes!" she said and looked at the pair I had in my hands "Yeah" I chuckled. I smilled and slowly nodded a little and took a step to the side and slowly began walking past her to someone who works here. 

I walked over to a chair with the shoes to try on. I herd someone sit behind me as I was putting on the shoes, when  I sat up I herd the girl talk again "I'm Donna by the way" she told me, I turned my head a little to look at her from the corner of my eye "I'm Matthew" I told her. She turned around and put on some shoes, I turned around more and looked at the shoes she was trying on, they were gray boots that went about an inch or more over your ankle with a zipper on the side "Thoses are cool!" I said, she jumped a little and turned to look at me "I know, I love them!" she chuckled, we both stood up. She looked at her boots as I walked over to a mirror to look. 

Once I got to the mirror I looked at the shoes and turned my foot to the side to see the lightning bolt on the side, right then I say Donna's foot go infront of mine. I quickly looked up and saw she was right in front of me and now looking at her boots in the mirror, she turned her head a little to look at me then chuckled. 

I took a step back then quickly put my foot in front of hers, she then quickly looked at me with a glar but had a smile on her face, we kept putting our foots in front of each others tell there was no more room between our feet and the mirror. "Move you foot" she chuckled "No" I said and smirked "Move" she said and started pressing my foot against the mirror, I just stood there tell it started to hurt "Ok, ok!" I quickly said and moved my foot. 

As I backed up uncle Ash walked up to me "You gettin' them?" he asked "Sure!" I said and walked back to the chair where my shoes and box was. I put my shoes back on and my new pair back in the box. We all walked up to the cash with a box in our hands, "This all together?" they cashier asked "Yup" uncle Ash told her and got his bank or credit card out. All of our shoes came up to 200$, I felt kinda bad for him buying these shoes but was happy at the same time. 

After that, Roxy, Candace and Brigitte got some couple of stuff and Austin got some car toys. 

Would continue but I'm tired and I going for my lisence tomorrow! Kinda nervous but not really lol Hoping to get some headphones too...Beats by Dr Dre xD And another pair of shoes 'n maybe some pants I love shopping xP 

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