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They stood there waiting for an explanation. Just as I was about to start talking my phone rang. The caller I.D. Read Dad. I walked out of the room.

I clicked answer after mentally thanking him for calling.


"Ev how are the boys doing? Anything new on Selena?" he asked.

"um well you see there was a red Jeep tailing Us after we left. I think it might be one of Selena's goons. The thing is I got their license plate. I'll send it to You after this call. I already sent it to jake so he could trace it if possible. " I informed him.

"okay Hun. I'm really glad I put you though to all this spy stuff. I'll have a team for you in no time. Theyll be there in two days when you have a concert in Dallas. " he said.

"okay I'll get ready lets make this a surprise for the boys. " I told him smirking.

"if that's what you want," he said.

"okay we'll I'll send you the pics bye daddy" I said.

"bye Ev" he replied. I hung up.

Time to explain.


"Evelyn Cowell" my dad said. Uh oh! This must be serious he never and I mean NEVER uses my full name if it's not important.

"yes daddy?" I said as sweetly as possible. Ugh I forgot he never falls for it!

"about this. You can NEVER tell anyone about it. Not even the boys. This is where the acting comes in handy." he said. "understood. The boys may never know about it unless I say so"

"yes sir" I mock saluted.

"Ev this is serious" he said sternly. Gosh, he reminded me of Liam to the boys. He never commanded me to do anything. Good boy. Hahaha that sounds creepy. Oh well.

"Fine fine" I sighed.


Time to improvise.

I opened the door and all the boys fell on top of each other. And Liam.

"well well well, what do we have here? Liam, I'm surprised to see you with them what happened to daddy direction.?" I questioned smirking.

"um he got curious?" he said but it came out as a question.

"oh lighten up I was joking I don't really care that you all listened in on my convo" I told them.

They all sighed in relief.

"I thought we were done for " Louis exclaimed.

"I'm not that mean" I said.

"sureeeeeeee" Liam replied. Is he still mad about Danielle?

"okay now missy we still want an explanation. "

My face went from happy to panicked in 0.24 seconds.

"oh yeah about that there was this guy I didn't like. We used to date and he kind of stalks me" I made up.

"is that really why we had to go through rows and rows of guards and go through secret tunnels so that you could get away from your stalkerish ex?" Niall asked.

I nodded.

"well, at least it was fun. Scary but fun. " he stated.

They all chorused a 'yeah' or a 'yup'

"okay so you guys have an interview tomorrow. Simon says me and Liam have to be all lovey dovey. Management will have a word with you about girls. Oh yeah by the way I'm your new manager. " I informed them.

They all groaned.

"I'm still allowed to have a girlfriend right?" Harry asked.

"Im not allowed to say Harry" I gave him a sympathetic look.

"on the bright side Louis I bought you some more carrots!" I exclaimed.

"really? Yay I love you Ev!" Louis shouted while jumping up and down like a little kid.

The thing is. I'm part of the interview tomorrow. and I have to break up Harry and Cara.

Great now im gonna be considered queen bitch.

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