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Remember what? Oh right she swears a lot. Awkward. Happy Reading!

I stood by the door, not moving an inch since I closed the door on Adamant. I was thinking of tonight- well this morning. I can't have feelings for him but, it was nice that he didn't piss me off the whole time. Just then, Selene stirred and broke me from my thoughts and back to reality. I decided to wake her up. I went over to her and I remembered I still had my ring on. I turned it around onto m palm and no one would notice it. I don't want any questions about the ring or Adam.

"Selene, Selene, get the fuck up." It always bugged me when people don't get up when I shook them. I slapped her, lightly so she didn't freak out. "Get. The. Fuck. Up."

"What the fuck? Ow that hurt." So much for lightly. 

"Sorry, I was trying to get you up." I knew when I hit people, it hurt, a lot.

"It's okay, thanks for waking me up. We should get ready now." I ran in to the bathroom before she could get up. I knew she would be there forever since she would put make- up on, which, would take forever. She was banging on the door while I brushed my teeth. Apparently, we had a schedule with the showers. We didn't have a shower in our bathroom. We had to take a shower in the bathroom outside our room. It's because of the laundry stuff. Girls were allowed to have showers on Saturday and boys on Sunday. We could wear whatever we wanted as long as we had or brought it.

"I only have 20 minutes to get ready! Aren't you gonna put your make- up on?"

"Nope, I don't wear it."

"Weirdo." She ran past me to the bathroom. She was putting make- up on and I was bored.

She went over to my open suitcase on the floor and looked thought it. She lifted my psp in the air and some games. "So you have no make- up, but you have these silly games?"

"Yeah so?"

"No straightener, no curling iron, no nail polish, no make- up, what the hell is wrong with you?"

"A lot of things. Now put my baby down slowly and no one gets hurt." I had a serious look on my face. Nobody messes with my baby.

"You care about this stupid psp and these weird games instead of make- up?"

"Yes I do. And crash of the titans is not a weird game. Now put it back slowly." She put it down slowly and laughed, which made me laugh, even if I didn't want to. She snooped through my stuff. I didn't bring much since I was focused on escaping. All I brought was my psp, (with games and my charger) my iPod, (but the Internet didn't work so there was really no point) a couple of clothes, (but they weren't bright clothes. They were black or almost black) a bouncy ball, and some body wash and shampoo. She sighed when she went through it. "What is it?"

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