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The sound of soft snores woke me up. My eyes traveled to the side of the couch. Blaire was sleeping beside me only that she was sitting on the floor. She had her arms crossed on the couch, her head on top of them, and her knees buckled to the sides. Her auburn hair was almost covering her whole face. I checked my watch and it's four in the morning. There's a question that has been tugging in my mind, why is Blaire here? Gently as I can, I brushed away all the hair strands that have been scattering on her face. That's when she suddenly moved to crinkle her nose.

"Mom?" she murmured in a muffled voice.

"No, I'm not your Mom," I whispered jokingly and continued stroking her hair.

She continued snoring softly. I watch her as she sleeps. I wanted to caress her on my arms. I want to hug her, hold her, take care of her and... tell her what I really feel for her. My hand stopped stroking her hair and I turned away from her. I can't love her, I just can't. I've decided to get up from the couch, and I went directly to the balcony. It's almost dawn. Suddenly, I heard a thud. At first, I didn't know where it came from but when I looked back. I saw Blaire's hands fell on the floor, along with her head. I immediately rushed towards her. Surprisingly, she was still asleep. "Tss, stupid girl!" I said inside my head but I can't seem to hide my smile. Again, I stroked her hair & finally carried her into my arms. She was not as heavy as I thought. When I lay her down the couch, I accidentally leaned my face close to hers. Her lips were half-parted. My insides were tumbling and inside me, I have this strong desire to trail my lips on hers. "No, stop it, Clyde!" I said inside my head.


"Where am I? Why is it so hot?" I shout, though there's no one around to answer me. I looked around and I was near a volcano. I'm feeling so nervous and hot. I can't help but feel afraid. I scan the place again but this time, it magically disappeared. The world swallowed me into a black hole. I screamed and called for help. Then, I landed on a green field. This time, this was a completely different site from awhile ago. But, my heart was still nervous. It won't stop worrying. It won't calm down. I closed my eyes, placed my fist over my heart and took deep slow breaths. When I open my eyes, I saw...River at one side and Clyde at the other.

"Thank goodness you're here!" I told them but when I was about to go near them. Clyde stopped me by signaling me with his hand.

I was wondering why then I looked at River, hoping he would explain what the heck is going on. He wasn't moving his mouth neither Clyde.

"WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?!" I shouted angrily. "Why don't you want me to get near you guys?" They didn't answer.

"Fine, if you're not talking, I'm going!" I took a step towards them. But when I did, the ground shook. Earthquake?! Clyde's and River's faces were dominated by fear. Suddenly, the field separated the three of us. The next thing I see, they were on a cliff. Rocks, pebbles and dust distracted the both of them, it's like causing them to fall. But their determination to keep themselves firm and sturdy were preventing them from falling. I ran as fast as my adrenaline could take me. The wind slapped my face and my lungs were cold from the icy air. Unexpectedly, I saw with my own eyes, both of them fell, finally giving in to the pebbles and dust.

"NOOO!" I yelled. When I caught up to them, only one of their hands was holding on to the cliff. "Guys, give me your hands!"

"You can't carry us both!" Clyde argued.

"Yes I can! Just trust me!" I argued back.

"Enough arguing! Pull us up, Blaire!" River interrupted us.

I stuck my tongue out to Clyde and as I grabbed both of their hands. Clyde was right. I can't carry them both.

"Well?" Clyde grunted. His eyes look tired as if he was about to give up. "Let the Flirt go first!"

I just stared at him blankly, "wha-what about you?"

"I'll try to hold on!" his voice was hoarse.

I successfully pulled River up but the time River got up, Clyde was almost slipping off. I gripped his hands.

"Clyde! Hold on! I got ya!" I tried to sound calm but when I tried to pull him up, he held my hand gently. He looked up at me with his honest eyes. "I'm sorry."

"I..I don't get it..." each of my eyes are starting to form a pool of tears on their own and they're about to fall.

That's when I realized he's trying to release my hands from his. "No, Clyde! I won't!" I stammered.

"Bye Slick," he removed my hands from his and let him be swallowed by the ground.

"NOOO! Clyde! Clyde! Clyyyde!!" I cried out in despair.


I opened my eyes, panting and found Clyde's face on top of mine. He was shocked and quickly backed away from me. It was all a dream! Thank God, everything was just a dream!

"Clyde!" I whispered happily and I unconsciuosly hugged him as I continue panting from the horrible nightmare. 

"Blaire?" his voice was totally shocked as he hesitantly placed his hands at my back.  

"I'm just so glad you're still alive," I pulled away from him.  

"Y-you dreamt of me?" he asked still shocked.

  "Yeah," I scratched my head. "You, me, and River."

  He was silent for a moment. "What happened?"

  I told him everything. Just mentioning everything makes my body tremble with fear. I didn't want it to happen among the three of us. I just couldn't understand why that dream came to me. 

  "Stupid dream you have and dreams don't always come true. Besides, it's not gonna happen because I won't hang out with any one of your lame friends especially that River guy," he said harshly. 

  I was taken aback by his hurtful words. I didn't even realized that I was crying until I felt a drop of water on my hand. "You're stupid! I thought you'd understand when I told you. But you're just—" I got off the sofa and went straight to our bedroom and cried myself out. How could he be so harsh and insensitive?


  I knew that those words had hurt her as much as it hurt me. I didn't want to say that in front of her but I just have to. I knew that I was being insensitive because it would be the only way for me to hide the way I feel for her. Being mean is much easier than hurting myself over and over again knowing that I couldn't have her in the end because I knew she liked River. She didn't tell me directly but I just know she does. I also don't understand why she has to cry when she cares for the other person. Everything is harsh. Everything is unfair. Just like my love for her. It's never gonna happen. Never. 

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