Captured or Escape

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So after introducing the members of FPS we go back to Emily and her new friends. Now I haven't mentioned that each member of FPS have special powers of some sort. Emily needs to train her powers before protecting the fairies.

"So, Emily, what powers have you learnt so far?" Jason asked.

Emily thought hard. She had learnt a lot of spells but she can only remember two. "Invisibility and fire." replied Emily. Jason had a stare at Emily very suspiciously. Jason liked Emily's style, she was very exciting and wondrous. Wanting to know more about Emily, Jason asked her a question.

"So... Have you ever heard of shrinking spell into an even smaller fairy?"

"No, what is good in smaller? We're already small..."

Jason had a shameful feeling sink into his gut. Maybe Emily isn't the person who likes smaller...

Suddenly a huge explosion of a bell filled the room. "Warning!! Warning!! An intruder has entered our systems!!" boomed the speaker. Stephen ran into the room.

"We need help! The intruder has found our code somehow and has got into our main systems!!" Stephen cried. Emily and her friends were shocked. The FPS ran to the main systems. They all stared at the enemy. It was the scientist!! He had used a potion to turn small.

Everyone stared at the intruder. "How did you get in!!!" Emily screamed, shocked. Not knowing what she was doing, Emma grabbed an extinguisher and sprayed it all over the scientist.

"NOOO!! The potions wearing off!" the scientist boomed while he slowly grew bigger. Jason grabbed the scientist by the collar. Jason started running up the stairs while the scientist was being dragged behind him. The dark fairy finally got up to the top of the stairs. He literally threw the scientist outside when the scientist was about the explode to a 6 foot tall man again. Everyone ran up the stairs, all of them exhausted. Chimp was the last to stumble exhaustingly to the top. Chimp's tail flopped as he fell to the floor. The scientist stared down at the little fairy base.

"Well now I know where you are so don't bother having a little victory feast with chicken and those little christmas crowns." smirked the scientist.

While he stared at the scientist, Chimp boomed out loud, "You will never get us you evil scientist!" The scientist crouched low,

"Please, just call me the FairyFlasher..." He dug his hand into the fairy base and reached his hand out for Emily and Stephen. They both collided into each other while the giant hand wrapped around them tightly.

"LET GO OF ME!!!" Screamed Emily. Stephen cleared his throat "Let US go!" Emily started banging on FairyFlasher's hand. It was no use, he would never let them go. Why would he? He was evil!

Chimp, Emma and Jason were left. Would FairyFlasher risk it and go to try and catch the others? And may lose his prisoners and have none? Or have two and leave the rest to die with sadness.

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