About a New Show Choir called Rags. The Members of the Choir overcome Obstacles they face at there troubled high school.

*Avalon Jacobs POV*

I am Avalon Jacobs, Everybody likes to call me Ava. This is my First year being at Climax Highschool, home of the Lepords. I am Not a big fan lepords but I'll just have to get used to it. I just moved from Minnesota to here... Losangelas California. That's across the Country. I wish my dad never had gotten a new job here. I have no friends yet but maybe if I get in a club or something I can make new friends that way. I hope they have Choir, My old school does... And if this school doesn't have a choir then this school is whack. I walked down the crowded dusty hallways looking for the sign up sheets. Until I bumped into someone.

"Sorry, I'm Phineas Dexter, Call me Finn." The Kid in the leather Jacket introduced himself.

"What's your name?" Finn asked.

"I'm N-new. I mean Not new, Avalon Jacobs. Everybody I know calls me Ava. I like your name." Smooth Ava Real Smooth. I said to myself.

"Thanks, I like yours too. So Are you looking for anything in particular?" Finn asked.

"Actually, Um, Where are the sign up sheets for clubs?" I asked after him. He turned to show me Directions.

"Down the hallway there is a bulliten board. That's where there at." Finn explained. I can tell I'm going to get along with this guy real well.

"Thanks, I'll see you around?" I asked. He smiled slightly.

"Yeah see you around. Actually, If you need help finding a class let me know." Finn said and walked away to his group of friends.

I went to the sign up sheets. I signed up for two clubs Writers Block and the club that I love, Glee Club. This was going to be a long year.

*Phineas Dexter's POV*

"Dude who was that?" My friend Matt asked.

"Her name is Avalon, She's new here." I explained with a slight smile.

"Oooh, You got a crush on her." Tyler (Lottamore) said.

"Okay, Maybe I have a small crush on her." I admitted.

"You should invite her to the party your throwing Saturday." Matt suggested.

"I don't even know what Grade she's in. She looked like she was freshman. But yeah your right, I guess I could invite her." I said.

"Cool, It'll be a great way for you to get to know each other." Tyler explained. I quickly changed the Subject.

"So Are you guys joining Glee this year. I heard Mr. Johnson was running it." I told them.

"I already signed up." Tyler said.

"I haven't signed up yet. Have you?" Matt asked. The Conversation carried on until the bell rang.

*Tyler Wesley's POV (This is a Girl BTW)*

I was late, I already missed five minutes of first period. I wish my alarm had gone off at the time it was supposed to. I walked into the school and went into the Office so I could sign in.

"Good Mourning, Tyler." The Secretary said from the desk. She pushed the Sign in sheet towards me.

"Hello." I said barely above a whisper. I quickly signed in my name and got my pass.

"Have a good Day Tyler." She said. I headed towards the door.

"Thanks." I said and exit.


"Tyler, Your late again." Mr. Johnson my english Teacher said.

"Sorry." I whispered and handed him the Pass.

"Hey look it's the silent freak." A Jock called out.

"Jerk." I said quietly and quicky walked to my seat that was in the back of the Class. I got a note passed to me. from my friend, Alexis Walsh. She's been by my side since Kindergarden.

Hey Thumper, you okay? Thumper is a nickname of mine. Alex started calling me that after the time we watched bambi and I just loved the little rabbit character.

Hi, I'm fine. Just a rough mourning, That's all. What's up? I put down.

Nothing much, You joining Glee this year?

Of Course, It's the only place where I actually feel welcomed.

Don't get so emotional on me now.

Sorry, It's a habit. Are you?

Well that's a big DUH... XD

Cool, I won't feel so alone there. It seems like there are new people coming in.

It's the second day of school, what do you expect?

True, Let's put this away, I have a strange feeling Mr. Johnson is watching. I looked up from the note. I was right. I quickly folded the note and waited for him to look away. I then threw it on her desk. I saw her read the note, She looked at me and nodded.

I cannot wait for the auditions for Glee. 

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