"IT'S FRIDAY, FRIDAY, GOTTA GET DOWN OM FRIDAY!" Lindsay sang bursting into my room.

I had just gotten home from soccer practice, and Lindsay just got to my house with a bag full of God knows what. I stripped off my tshirt so i was in my sports bra and threw it into a corner before logging into Ustream.

"God. No. Please." I begged her stop singing that horrific song. I let out a laugh and she joined me, "How was your day?"

"It was amazing!" she replied quickly plopping down onto my bed.

As I put my hair into a messy bun, I asked, "And why is that?"


"Oh, yea. It feels like I still have school because of soccer practice. I hate that it's all year round. Whatever." I spoke my thoughts aloud. "What time is it?"

"It is 5:50," Lindsay replied. "Does Austin know that you're gonna watch today?"

"Yea, he thinks it's my first time... I feel a bit guilty for lying." I said with a pout.

"He won't find out, don't worry. BE HAPPY MON!" she yelled as she attacked me with a hug that knocked me to the floor.

"You're extremely sweaty, you know that?" she said after a few seconds of laying on the carpet.

"No, really?!" I sarcastically asked.

She let out a laugh before getting up and giving me a hand. I let out a grunt as I stood on my feet and sighed.

"Okay, so we're gonna watch this, get ready and head to the party, okay?" she asked as she started taking out make up from her large duffel bag and arraigning it on my desk. Then she pulled out what looked like a closet load of clothing.

"Okay.... Hey Linds, do you get cold easily?" I asked smiling.

"Uh, no? Why?" she gave me a confused look.

"Why are you gonna pile on all that clothes?!" I asked. I thought I was funny....

"Wow Sara, you're so funny you should take up comedy as a career. Options, my friend." she replied, sarcasm practically dripping from her voice.

A fake pout crossed my face, "I thought it was a good one."

"Mhmm." she responded getting back to arraigning her clothes.

My phone binged and I went to pick it up. A text message.

Austin: You ready?!

Me: Yes! I'm on the link you sent me but it appears black!

Austin: it's supposed to be like that until I go on, silly!(:

Me: Oh! Okay! Yes I'm ready!

Austin: okay, this ones for you Sara(;

I squealed and handed my phone to Lindsay as she began to read the messages, Austin's face appeared on my computer screen.

He began to speak to Mahomies, asking them how they were and so on, something he did every ustream. About 15 minutes in, Austin began to sing "Let Me Love You" and it was heavenly. It sounded ten times better just because he told me it was for me.

My heart melted as he sang two more songs. He took a sip of water and smiled that irresistible smile that always made butterflies erupt in my stomach.

He sang 11:11 before putting his guitar back down on his bed. He sat down again and read through the chat feed on his screen.

I took the opportunity to text him at that time. I picked up my phone, glancing at Lindsay who look mesmerized by the computer screen next to me.

Me: Doing really good!! :)

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