"What are you doing on Josh's phone?" I asked practically screaming into my phone. 

"I have to go see you later Kasey." I slammed my phone into my bed and quickly got dressed so that I could drive to Josh's house. 

I hopped into my car without even saying a word to my parents about where I was going. When I reached his house nothing seemed to be wrong. I jumped out of my seat and slammed the door behind me. Knocking on his door front door many time didn't seem to be helping so I picked up some rocks and threw them at his window. "Hay!" I heard him scream from his room. Thank God! I thought to myself. He opened the window and yelled, "Kasey stop it!"

"Josh where is your phone?" I asked him.

"I lent it to some lady at the bus stop who needed to call her boyfriend but she ran off with it." 

"Okay sorry by the way for waking you up." I yelled at him. 

"Its fine see you tomorrow at shcool?" He asked. I nodded towards him as he went back in his room. I walked back to my car not knowing where I wanted to go next until I thought I should make sure that they have not hurt Liam. I know this is a lame excuse to see him and hang out with him but still. I drove downtown and walked around smelling all the smells. It was late enough now that he should be up but the problem was finding the hotel the band was staying in. 

I walked up to the first hotel I could find and walked into the lobby. I sniffed around not sensing any sign of Liam anywhere and gave up on that. Luckily hotels are not that far apart from eachother and I liked to run so I ran all the way to another hotel two blocks away. Slowly I walked into the lobby smelling around and then it dawned on me. Why would the boys stay in a hotel that it close to downtown where a bunch of fans are why not somewhere a little more hidden but still high class. I bolted down the street and ran eight more blocks until I reached the hotel I pass to get to school every morning. It is hidden by other buildings and still five stars. This time I was really hoping this was his hotel and when I walked in I smelled it, his beautiful scent. 

I casually walked into the elevator and smelled al the buttons so until one stuck out to me. I pressed button number seven and I started to move. When I reached level seven I thought to myself What am I going to say to him when I actually find him? He will probably ask me how I found him. I smelled my way down the long hall until I found door 412 with his scent all over the doorknob. I shakily knocked on the door scared that he would and wouldn't answer but I had to make sure he was alive and I really wanted to see him again. 

The door opened slowly to reveal Zayn's face. "Can I help you?" He said loudly. His shirt was off and his beautiful eyes stared down at me.

"Um I am here to see Li-Liam." I stuttered nervously. He looked back and nodded.

"Sorry miss but we are not in the mood for signing autographs." His face looked annoyed.

"No I know Liam, tell him its Kasey from the book store." I said quickly.

"Liam its the girl from the bookstore," he looked back at me, "Kasey." He had just finished his sentence when I heard running coming towards the door.

"Kasey?" I heard Liam's beautiful voice that echoed through my ear.

"Hi Liam I'm sorry if I woke you up." I said frowning. Zayn was still standing there looking at me and then Liam until Liam looked him in the eye and he walked away.

"I was already awake don't worry. So uh how did you find me?" He asked rubbing his neck.

"Well I uh came downtown to pick up a pizza last night and drove by here to pick it up and happened to see you walk in and well now here I am. I was wondering if maybe you uh wanted to I don' know, hang out today? If you aren't busy." He smiled which made my cheeks turn a bright red.

"Well I have an interview at 11:00 but after that we can hang out maybe get some lunch and see whats here." His hand was still on his neck, at first I thought it was because he thought I was some stalker who followed him but he still had his hand up at it.

"That would be great! Here is my number so you can call me when you are done and we can meet somewhere." I smiled at him as he ran back in to get a pen. I wrote my number in the neatest handwriting I could use. "Is your neck okay by the way?" I asked him now quite curious about it.

"I think I slept on it wrong." He said his face quenching in pain.

"Here," I said reaching up so I could look at it. He slowly turned around and I put my hand on his neck.

"Your hand are really warm." He said as I popped his back and then his neck. "Oww!" He said loudly.

"Sorry does it feel better?" I asked frighted I had just made it worse.

"Yeah it does how did you do that?" He asked.

"Magic! So call me when you are done alright?" 

"Sure talk to you then." I smiled and walked away with the best and worst feeling inside my stomach.


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