12. Frank, Annabeth and Leo's POV "Regretted Mistakes". SNEAK PEEK

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As a gift for being so patient and being the awesomest people on the whole world, this chapter has 3 Pov: Frank, Annabeth and Leo. As you must have realized, this 3 guys are essential to tell their side of the story. I was thinking to make chap 13 to 20 telling about their stay at camp half-blood but if you prefer something different leave a comment. I just was thinking of giving the guys a time to rest, to prepare and train and to forget their differences. also they are going to appear essential facts in those chapters but that you are ging to know if you read them :).

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Chapter 12: "Regretted Mistakes"

Frank POV.

I could hear screams and the sounds of the swords clashing. I could feel how two people pushed and tied me to the mast. But I couldn't see any of it. The only thing I could stare at, was the girl lying on the floor with an arrow stucked at her side. An arrow shooted by me.

Suddenly I felt everything. The voices, the sounds, the punches, the touches...and the guilt. A guilt that was growing inside me and that it made me want to jump to the water below us.

"Are you out of your mind, Frank?" One of the guys that tied me yelled. Looking at him, I realized that it was Percy but I almost didn't recognize him. His eyes were stormy and frightening like a tsunami. I shuddered, not knowing what to say.

 "Maybe he was compelled by Gaea" the other guy said but he wasn't trying to justify me. In fact, his voice sounded as angry and scary as Percy's eyes.

"I don't know but right now we should help the others, Grover" Percy replied and only then I could realized that his mate was half goat.

As they left, I could witness the whole situation that was surrounding me. Tom and Tyson were fighting against Anne and Nathan. My sister and his mate were excellent warriors, slashing and dodging without stopping but Tom and Tyson were better. Finally, Anne climbed to the chariot, pushing Nathan to follow her and then, they runaway but not without a consequence. Thalìa and Jason took care of that with their powers.

In the meantime, Lindsay was ordening Piper and Annabeth to prepare things at the nursery while Leo was calming Hazel down. As the noice stopped, Lindsay examined the wound.

"Sorry Hazel but I will have to pull out the arrow to heal the wound properly. Leo as soon as I take it out, take Haze to the nursery, I'll be there in a second."

Leo nodded, grabbing Hazel's hand and Hazel replied quietly "No problem Lindsay, it hurts anyways".

Lindsay only nodded not being able to do anything else. Everyone was really pale and I started forcing to free myself and get closer but a glare from Jason, Tom and Percy was everything I needed to stay quiet again.

"One...two...three!" Lindsay exclamed pulling out the arrow. Hazel screamed painfully and Leo quickly took her to the nursery.

"He...stole...one of my arrows!" Lindsay said while she examinated the blue arrow "Guys, Frank might be compelled. Tyson, knock him off and Tom, examinate him then".

I started yelling but they ignored me as two of them got closer to me.

The last thing that I remember was everyone's reproachful, angry and sad eyes promising me that I would pay for what I did later.

So, a little sneak peek since they are asking me for the computer  ¬¬. I'll try to post in a few hours or tomorrow. Hope you liked it!! 

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