"Anna. Wake up. We have a new hunch on Alia." Nico's voice was a pleasent wake-up call. He was just so.... cute, that it rubbed off into his bad-boy tone. "What is it?" I asked, wiping sleep out of my eyes. "I sent Bone out to smell for Alia, and he picked up something near the Hades Entrance in Los Angles." Immediatly, I was confused. Bone? Turning toward Nico, I saw a hellhound. A puppy hellhound. Instinctivly, I pulled out the dagger the girls had packed, the same one I had used to kill the Freezy monster in the Arena. "Get away!" I screeched, fear not hidden in my shaking voice. "Woah, Anna! Chill! He's a friend." Nico stepped in the path between my dagger and the beast. I nodded, but did not let my guard down. "LA huh?" The boy frowned. "Yeah. One of Dad's entrances. Near the L in Los." I took a deep breath. "We should get a move on. Monsters should be smelliing a free buffet of half-blood. And, um, Nico, I sorta had this vision of Alia, and she was in a cave, trying to start a fire. It didn't work until the, like, 10th time." Nico didn't seem surprised. "Demigods get visions and dreams like that. Yours probably meant that she was in some cave, and cold." I gave him a no-duh look. He rolled his eyes. "Just trying to lift the mood. But yes, we should get moving. I hear something heavy and not happy." And with that, we bolted away, provisions slung across our back.


 Yeah, so Nico was right. The monster came barreling towards us, as we ran down 5th street, screeching. "Anna, shut up!" Nico gave me a look like, Are you crazy?! Turning, I caught a glimpse of the monster following us. It was stinking huge! Nine heads lashed around its Hydra body, fat and short. The middle head hissed at out came fire. I screamed and dove to the side, landing hard on my left right. ""Oww!" I wailed. Nico stopped running, and took out a long black sword. He stepped between me and the Hydra. "Back!" he commanded, not really doing anything. Realizing I was badly hurt and we were stuck, he jammed his sword into the pavement. The Hydra lashed out but a black bubble of power shielded Nico. "Help." he said, eyes closed. The ground rumbled and broke apart. Three skeletons came out of the crack and attacked the monster. It never had a chance. Soon, nothing of the creature remained. 'Wow, Nico. Didn't know you could do that.' I stood up, cradling my wrist. "Yeah, it was tough though. But now we need to go get your arm checked out. I know just the people." And with that, Nico led me into a park, and called out, "HUNTERS!"


Nicos voice echoed through the city. People in cars zoomed by us, giving us strange looks. "C'mon, c'mon..." Nico muttered. "YES!" He cheered pointing toward the woods of the park. "They're here!" Nico jumped up and down like a six year old. "Yeah, suddenly you seem less attractive." I said, moving toward the edge of the woods. I didn't know who the Hunters were, but Nico was excited, so they had to be good. While walking, I looked back at Nico for a second. His face was pure confused. The poor boy just doesn't know a thing about romance and crushes. Anyway, when we reached the beginning of the woods, I stopped at a large tree and leaned against it. "Nico, there's nothing here. Lets go." I told him, rolling my eyes. "Think again." a female voice spoke right behind me. From behind many large trees came girls dressed in silver dresses, all weilding bows of silver, with silver arrows nocked. The arrows were all pointed at my heart. "Geez. Wonder what you're favorite color is." I joked dispite the danger swirling throughout the forest. "Thalia!" Nico ran up from behind me and hugged the girl who spoke, the one who wore a diamond and silver circlet on her forehead. "Nico." The girl's, Thalia I guessed, face softened when she saw him. When they broke apart, Thalia pointed her bow at me. "Who's she?" She addressed Nico, while still staring me with her electric blue eyes, just like mine. "Uh...umm... Thalia, meet Anna. Your... half-sister." The Huntress regared me with a new look. "Zeus's daughter, eh? How many monsters have you fought?" I didn't get why that mattered, but I answered anyway. "Three. Minator, well kinda fought, but still. Then the Freeze monster-" Thalia interuppted. "A Hyborean." I nodded. "Right. And then there was the Hydra, which I possibly broke my wrist while trying to attack it." Thalia smiled. She looked scary with her spikey hair and her dark makeup, but with a smile on her face, you can almost believe that she doesn't have a death warrant out for you. Almost. "Phoebe. Take Anna to our camp. I need to talk to Nico for a sec." She signaled for Nico to follow her into the park, and one girl, Phoebe, led me deeper into the woods.

 We ended up at a clearing, the circumference surrounded by guard wolves, and silver tents making two rows up until only one larger tent. "Here, my tent is the third one down. There, we cancheck out your arm." I nodded and followed the brown-haired girl. When we reached the tent, Phoboe lifted the curtain and walked inside. She took out a silver bag, about the size of a small purse. The Huntress reached in, and pulled out an ace wrap. "Come." she motioned me to sit down across from her. Once I was settled, she took my wrists, studied them, then took my injured one and stared at it even longer. My right hand dropped to the ground. "Just barely broken. A small crack. I can ix it with some necter, ambrosia and then wrap it." Phoebe  reported. I nodded at the diagnosis. She fed me some ambrosia and gave me a bottle of nectar with instructions to drink it in 24 hours and then the wound would heal. At the very end, she wrapped my wrist in the tan bandage. "Thanks." I said, observing the no-pain feeling. "Welcome. Now lets go to Artemis. She'll want to see you." Phoebe walked out of the tent, and, swallowing, I followed her.

 "Sit. We don't have much time." A young female voice ordered me, before I even fully stepped into the tent. Even so, I felt the feeling that I had to obey. The voice was that powerful. When I did get a good look the speaker, I had to hold in a laugh. Sitting in front of me, with a two deer, one on her lap, the other on a sleeping bag behind her, was a 12-year old girl. At least she looked around my age. I knew she was a goddess, so I expected her to look like an adult, but she was an auburn haired 12 year old girl, in a silver sparkling dress, with two deer calmly relaxing in her tent. Totally normal. The obly thing that threw me off, was that she had intense silver eyes. Ever hear how so people think that grey and silver are the same exact color? Well even those people couldn't argue the color of her eyes. It is hard to explain. They were just so... so scary, kind of. Anyway, Artemis patted a cushion in front of her, and I sat. "My lady," I said, unsure of what to call the goddess. "We have a quest. My friend Alia-" Artemis held up her hand. "I am aware of your quest and your plan. As i said, we don't have much time. Right now, minions of Deminos and Phobes are tracking you. Alia does not have much time and is not holding on well. Phobes has invaded her mind, forcing her to go mad. She is still sane, but it is not going to last like this long."

 The next day, after a long, peaceful, strangley dreamless sleep, Nico and I were getting ready to head out to LA. "Anna, I have something for you." I turned around, happy to not have to keep trying to stuff my dagger into my bag. Behind me was Thalia. "Oh, hi. What's up?" I asked, confused on why she was actually talking to me instead of Nico. I mean, I barely knew her, despite the fact we are apparently half-sisters. "I wanted to give you this. For extra protection purposes. Daggers don't reach to far." Thalia handed me a silver bow, and a matching quiver filled with arrows. I stared at them with awe while Thalia rambled on about the weapon. "Artemis gave me permission for you to have it. She said you have what I call spunk. Don't worry about not shooting straight or if you run out of arrows. The arrow will always hit its target and the quiver will refill itself. It is enchanted." I looked at her. "Thanks. I could really use these." Thalia beamed and walked away, but she turned around just before her tent and practically whispered a goodbye. Once my dagger was stuffed into my bag, I walked up to Nico and motioned for him to follow me. "We should keep moving." He nodded and fell in behind me. The hunters didn't say goodbye, but only looked at us sadly. Very nice going away present.

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