Zayn P.O.V

We were outside of my house in the car.

Me: okay I mean nobody better pull a move on sister got

Lads: got it

Me: come lets go

We get out the car , walk up the steps to ring the door bell . "ding dong"

The doors opens and I see my little sister right infront of me . She jumps on me wraps her self around me. I hug her back. Oh how missed my little sister . Then I hear her sobbing in my shoulder.

Me: don't cry meliy

Me: I missed you too meliy

And she stated at me

Melissa: wow Zayn u sure did change alot

Me: and you did too meliy , you got taller and look more like mum

Melissa: me like mum whatever

Me: anyways look who brought .

I point behind me . She moved to the side and she saw the lads .and she ran off to say hi to them

Louis P.O.V

Melissa: boys

Us: meliy

All of us ran and hugged her

Melissa: guys I can't breath

Lads: sorry

We let go of melissa and we looked at her

Melissa: umm hello

Me: Melissa you look pretty

I see her blush and checks turn bright red

Melissa: thank you Lou

She give me a big hug and I wrapped my arms around and she pulled away

Melissa: oh somebody has muscles . She poked my arms

Me: I sure do :)

Melissa: how are thing going between u and el ?

Me: omg I love her to death

Melissa: aww that so cute

And with that She ended our conversation . She looked right of Me and She see Liam. She was really nice and friendly I wish got to see her more during the xfactor days.

Liam P.O.V

Melissa: Liam !!!

Me: Melissa !!!!

I pulled her into a big hug .She pull away from the hug

Me: wow Melissa it's been ages since I seen you ,u grown alot taller .

Melissa: aww thanks Liam , I see you have a little quiff going ey ? She pointed at my hair.

Me: yep I think a difference in my appreances won't hurt anybody

Melissa: we'll I like it, how are stuff between you and dani ?

Me: fine she so awesome and loving , I really care about . I love her

Melissa: aww Liam in love

I blush so hard , and with that She ended our conversion . She looked to right of me and I looks Harry . She hasn't change a bit . She is still the same old meliy

Harry P.O.V

Melissa was such sweet and beautiful girl. She was wearing black skinny jeans and a blue cheetah print shirt And blue vans , a white beanie. When ever she hug , she wrapped her arm my neck. I put my hands around her waist . I inhaled her perfume , I wanted to stay for ever but can't Zayn strictly told not to pull anything on his lil sister or will be dead . I so I pull away from Melissa and looked in her hazel eyes.

Me: Melissa you look pretty

I see Melissa turn the color bright red. I smile at Melissa

Melissa: aww thanks Harry

Me: and sexier

That word slipped out mouth, I see Melissa eyes go wide , I could feel Zayn's steer burning through me. Next Thing you know , I feel a hand hit me the side of the . I looked and it was Liam .

Me: what was that's for ?

Liam: Cause

I hear Melissa giggled

Melissa: aww hazz

She leans in kissed my check . I could my self blushing , I lowerd my head so she wouldn't she me

Melissa: aww does that make it feel better?

Me: yes Melissa :) but I think I need another one ?

I said with a smirk on my face seeing if she would do that

Melissa: nope I side popping the "P"

With that She went to say hi to Niall. I have to make her mine . I'm so srry Zayn but I'm have to brake one of your rules

Niall P.O.V

Melissa: Nialler

Me: meliy

She pulled Me into a hug. I wanna to stay there for along time. I inhaled the smell of her purfume . I wanna stay there forever . But i pulled away. Zayn would kill if stayed there a little longer . Zayn said not pull moves on his little sister.

Me: Melissa you change alot , you got taller and pretty . She Blushed of what I said which made me blush too

Melissa: aww thanks Niall , and you looked more handsome and cute. She grab my checks and pinch them not to hard to hurt me but in a playful way.I blushed really red and She giggled at me.

Me: aww thanks Melissa

Melissa: how's life treating you?

Me: fine and great what about you Melissa ?

Melissa: fine and lovely

Me: that nice to hear love

Melissa: did you know that u give the best hugs ever

Me: I been told so

She giggled at me.

Melissa: ur soo cute , she pinch my checks

I turn a bright red and smiled appeared on my face . She looked so pretty . I have to make her mine . I'm so srry Zayn but I'm have to brake one of your rules


Will Zayn find out

Does Melissa like Harry or Niall

A massive thank you to u guys



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