Chapter 1

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Hey guys, I'm writing a basketball diaries fanfic because I love this movie so much. Also I kept asking people to make one and no one seemed to make one and I haven't seen any one make one of these so yeah. ENJOY!!

P.S. I do not own characters except my one character


Name: Christine

Eyes: Dark brown eyes

Hair: Dark brown hair almost black

Skin Color: African American

Fashion/ Clothing: Since this is the 90s. I'm going for a very 90s look and I really like the 90s fashion but refined, if that makes any since. So the character wears like muscle shirts, band tees, circle skirts, cute plaid things, and converse. I will make pictures or have links throughout the story so you can get an idea.

Description: Very care free, shy but fun when you get to know her. She's in high school (10th grade). She just transferred schools in the middle of the year. She lives in New York City. She's sorta loud and can stand up for herself, when needed. Also she loves photography.

Jim's POV.

*bell rings*

I step out of the class room with a sigh of relief, after being hit to death with father McNulty's wooden paddle. As I walked to the staircase with Pedro, Micky, and Neutron. I quickly turned my head to make sure no one was looking before we skip class and head out to the pier. As I was turning my head I noticed a girl walking down the hallway, I hadn't seen her before she must be new. Before I could say anything we were running down the stairs and through the wooden doors.

Christine's POV.

I was walking down the hall way to get my science textbook out of my locker. I just transferred schools about a week ago I don't have to many friends, but its ok since I already have friends from my old school. Not to many of the girls like me for some reason maybe they feel threatened by me, I don't know but its fine by me. I was feeling pretty confident when I was walking down the hall even though I was just wearing a uniform and some black combat boots and red ankle socks. When I got to my locker I noticed a guy look at me for about 5 seconds, he was sorta cute. But when I turned my head he was already running down the stairs, as he was running down the stairs I noticed something fall out of his back pocket. I walked over and picked it up, it was a notebook that said Jimmy on the inside.

OK thats chapter one I hope you like it, comment down below and tell me if you like it. Sorry It was short next one will be longer. Also heres a picture of the outfit


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