I clasp my hands over my mouth altho I haven't said anything. The shock was so overwhelming, I felt hot tears briming my eyes. I could hear the brokeness and determination inside his voice as I see his shadow walk past my apartment door.

Justin's really here...looking for me, but why? For what reason? I'm not carrying his child, and I led him to believe I was. Why does he still look for me? I knew he did, for the three months I've been gone. I check his Twitter every night, before Blake gets home.

Suddenly, there's a loud bang on the apartment door. I hold my breath and stand in place, my hand still placed on my mouth, my other hand gripping the suitcase holder tightly.

"Hello?" Justin's broken voice speaks. "Anyone home? Please, help me. I need help." He bangs on the door harder. I hear a soft ding, and the banging stops. I look down at the bottom of the door, where I see the shadow's of Justin's feet standing outside. I hear the sound of a phone unlocking, and suddenly Justin's shadow walks away from the door.  I stay in my position for a few moments longer, until the echos of Justin's sneakers running down the stairs are silent. 

I hear the apartment landline begin to ring, and I jump, dropping the suitcase on the floor. Un-clasping my mouth, I reach down to pick up the phone.

"Hello?" I answer.

"You better be home." Blake says darkly. "I just saw Bieber run out of our apartment, his phone pressed to his ear. Did he see you?"

"No." I answer. "He didn't."

"Good." Blake says, and I knew he was smiling. "Make sure dinner's ready when I get back, babe." My stomach turns at the sound of him calling me that pet-name. The line dies, and I throw the phone down on the ground. It crashes against the wood, and the battery flies out of the back.

"Goodbye, asshole." I mumble as I pick back up my suitcase, and walk out the door.


"Hello?" I yell as I bang on another apartment door. "Anyone home? Please, help me! I need help!" I continue to bang on the door, until my phone dings. I pull it out of my pocket, and look at the text Scooter sent me.

Skylar and John found something of Avery's. Call me ASAP. We're all worried.

I sprint down the hallway, and down the stairs. I notice Scooter's called me many times. I re-dial his number, and press the phone to my ear as I walk out of the apartment building.

"Justin!" Scooter yells. "Where on earth are you?"

"I'm at some apartment building." I answer. "What did you find that was Avery's?"

"A ring." Scooter answers. "A friendship ring, I think Skylar said last I talked with her. Meet us up at the area we started looking, okay? No pit stops!"

"You got it." I answer, and hang up. I start running down the streets, and towards the park, the area we started looking for Avery. As I'm stopped by a light, I feel someone following me.

I look over my shoulder and see someone wearing a heavy-looking jacket, the hood pulled over his head, covering his face. Not feeling threatened by his apperance, I turn away from him.

The light pole across the street flashes a while stick-figure at me, and I sprint across the street. I look back over my shoulder, and see the guy following me.

I turn away again, trying to forget about him, but suddenly find myself checking over my shoulder numoerous times. Everytime, I notice the guy following me.

I'm almost to the park, and I can see Scooter, Skylar, and John standing under the huge oak tree that stood near the corner of the park. I wave at them, and Skylar points at me, her mouth moving, probably telling Scooter she sees me.

I walk across the street, and just as I'm about to walk up to him, I hear a loud POP! go off, and a sharp pain erupts on my lower calf.

I fall to my knees, and clasp my hands around my now bleeding leg.

"Justin!" I hear Skylar yell. I lay my back on the grassy ground, squeezing my eyes shut tightly as the pain worsens.

When I open my eyes again, the guy who had been following me was now only a few yards from me, a gun held out towards me.

"What the hell!" I yell, holding out a hand towards him. He fires the gun, and I can feel the bullet running into my already bloody hand. I yell out in pain, and I feel hands on my shoulders. I look over and see Skylar examining my wounds.

I hear a loud click, the sound of someone reloading a gun of bullets. I look over, and see the gun pointed right at my head.

"Skylar! Move!" I yell as I try to push her away with my free hand, but I was too late.

A gunshot goes off.


Everything happens all too fast. One second, I see Justin walking towards Scooter, John and I. I point at him, and tell Scooter "I see Justin."

Then the next, a blackened figure is holding out his arm towards Justin, a loud POP! erupts, and Justin's lying on the ground, the back of his leg oozing blood.

"Justin!" I yell as I run over towards him, ignoring Scooter's and John's commands to stay back. Another gunshot, and Justin yells, his right hand now bleeding.

I kneel down next to him, and he looks at me, pain clear in his eyes. I look up at the man shooting at him, and see he's got his gun aimed for Justin's head. Justin removes his good hand from his leg, and shoves me away.

"Skylar!" he yells. "Move!"

Suddenly, there's another gunshot, and I can feel tears briming my eyes as Justin's hand falls to the ground, numb and lifeless.

"Justin!" I yell, and look at him. When I look up at the guy shooting, something happens. He suddenly falls to the ground, also lifeless. Blood drains out of his body from a gun-shot wound that had formed on his backside.

I look down at Justin, and feel the sudden rush of relief. He's only passed out. Scooter and John run over, and I stand to my feet. They haul Justin up, and hang him over Scooter's shoulders.

"Come on Sky." John says, grabbing my upper arm. I look around across the street, in search for the shooter who shot the bastard in black.

Then I see her, and my eyes grow wide. She stands next to a building, in the shadows. She still had her gun trained on the guy's lifeless body. She looks up, and sees me. She then throws her gun down on the ground, and runs in the opposide direction, and dissappears behind an alley.

The shooter was Avery.

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