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Its been almost two weeks since me and Jai kissed. And its been going great... I think.

We were acting really coupleish. You know holding hands, calling each other sweet names, cuddling over movies and to be honest I can't complain! But we never talked about the kiss or if we really were a couple or not. We never kiss each other on the lips just on the cheek or forehead and I really, REALLY want to talk to him about this but I'm just scared that he doesn't. 

Anyway back to reality.

I was on my way to have lunch with my normal group of friends James, Skip, Luke, Jai, April and Jenny who I met the day after mine and Jai's date. She had black long curly hair, brown eyes and was really pretty. Her and April were the only normal girls in this school but they still kinda freaked out when I told them that I was friends with the most popular guys in school. Just a little bit of screaming and a little bit of fangirling. They were not the most popular girls in school so to them the guys were Gods.

We were eating lunch laughing and talking like always. Skip thought it would be interesting to see how it feels to have a straw in his nose. I sometimes wonder if he needs serious help.

"Hey people, and Skip." Tyla said looking at Skip who had now three straws in his nose. Okay Sam if just don't look at him you wont be sick.

"What's up Tyla, wanna join us?"  James asked patting the empty seat beside him.

"Nah thanks, I just wanted to let you know that I can't film for you guys this weekend. I'm going camping with the family. I'm sorry."  He looked down at his lunch and then back up.

"Its okay, we'll find someone else to do it, don't worry."  Luke said standing up and patted Tyla on the shoulder. 

"Thanks bro, I really am sorry but I have to go now, see ya." Then he walked away and Luke sat back down.

"But whos gonna film us then?"  Jai asked looking slight worried. I gave his hand a quick squeeze and he smiled down at me. Oh god his smile is just beautiful.

We all sat in silence until Luke's head shot up and he was smiling an evil smile at me.

"Luke, I don't like that look of yours.." He started looking even more evil and looked at all the other guys, as if he was they were reading his mind they all started looking at me with a devilish grin.

"Sam...."  Luke started. I looked up at Jai for help but he had that look painted on his face too.

"Will you be our camera girl?" Oh poo.

"Erm, I don't know I-" But then the devil appeared out of nowhere. Alison. She had been trying to make my life miserable at school since me and Jai started to act all couple-y. Calling me names, "accidentally" bumping me in the hallways but my friends always had my back so it wasn't really bugging me.

"I can be your camera girl." Her voice annoyed the hell out of me. Just looking at her made me wanna trow up.

"Let me think..." Skip said looking to the ceiling pretending to be thinking really hard.

"No." I let out a small giggle at how serious he was.

"Yeah, that's not gonna happen Alison." Luke said not even turning around to face her.

"Why do you even hang out with that loser?" She said angry pointing at me. I didn't even look at her, I just smiled and continued to eat my lunch. Jai was gonna stand up and say something back but I stopped him shaking my head slowly. He hesitantly sat back down and put his hand over my shoulder.

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