In A Box Beneath The Bed

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In a box beneath the bed,

Lay the thoughts inside my head.

Letters never sent, poetry never read,

Filled with hope love hate and dread.

In a box behind out in the trees,

Lay the locks gears and keys.

Things broken that I still need,

All buried like little seeds.

In a box in the shed,

Lay the thoughts inside his head.

Letters never sent, lyrics never read,

Filled with hope love hate and dread.

Beneath the bed,

In the trees,

In the shed,

There are no keys.

The most romantic are letters never sent,

The sweetest are lyrics never heard,

The truest are poems ever kept,

The ones in pain always seem so assured.

In a box beneath my bed,

Lay the thoughts that run inside my head.

Letters, poems, songs, never read,

Get up for another day just filled with dread.

Letters, words, rhymes all forbidden,

Still nursing the wounds where Karma has bitten,

So I'll keep my thoughts and feelings hidden,

Then no one will get hurt because I didn't.

In a box beneath my bed,

Lays everything that occupies my mind,

Words and feelings never to be said,

Only to be ignored by the spiteful and blind.

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