Chapter 17

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Zaden's POV

"Silvio is missing." My Uncle Maceo entered my office.

"And." I returned to the stack of papers sitting in front of me.

"He's your brother Zaden."

"And?" I repeated.

Silvio and I don't get along, it's been like this since I arrived, Silvio is younger than me by eleven months, making the both of us the same age.

One of the many secrets my so called parents kept from me.

"He fought someone last night, she showed up at the fight club with money wanting to fight him. They were last seen leaving together and no one knows who she is." He took a seat opposite me. "Sienna is worried about him."

"Did she send someone to go look for her son?" I asked.


"Then she isn't worried that much."

"Just send someone out to look for him after the emergency meeting your Grandfather called." Maceo rolled his eyes.

No matter what my title was or might be, I will always remain loyal to those I was with before all this. I treated Maceo with the same respect I always did.


"If we take out Versana, we take the other four families out." My grandfather Licid grinned.

The room sat quiet and tense as they waited for me to say something.

Versana Vice is in second place, sitting right next to her older brother Carter Soreign.

"We?" I chuckled, clapping my hands slowly. "There is no We, never is and never was." I dropped any kind of humor from my tone and gestures.

"I put you where you are-"

"And I built this all while you and your family went on vacation, leaving me with the responsibility to kill off everyone who came looking for you." I stood and buttoned my suit jacket. "I suggest you stop talking before I decide to put a bullet into your skull."

"Do not disrespect me, I am your Grandfather!" He pointed the end of his walking stick to my head.

"And I'm your Don." I challenged. "Call bullshit meetings like this again and I'll put a bullet in every single one of your heads."

The rest of the table remained quiet but I knew they wanted to say something, and so I waited hoping that someone would.


As soon as Rossi had gotten the first syllable out, I raised my gun and pulled the trigger.

Veil made no move to defend his brother and kept his eyes on me as he bled out beside him.

"Must I remind you? I don't answer to anyone at this table." I leaned over the head of the table. "When I say jump, you say-"

"How high Don?" An alluring voice whipped around me, I could hear the smile on her lips before I turned to face her.

Messiah was the first to enter, black market guns only Soreign somehow can get ahold of. His Soreign rings on full display and the same went for the woman who stood behind him, followed by her other personal bodyguards.

"Who are you!" Licid demanded, avoiding the fact that I just killed one of his best friends.

"A nobody apparently." Silvio was shoved by the guard I remember as Felik.

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