The Trip (part two)

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Okay, his chapter took forever to update. Sorry... School is starting tomorrow and so we have been really busy... But I'm supposed to have some extra time this week other then school but its starting week so not anything serious. So I'll try to update sooner sorry guys!! :)(:




Erin's P.O.V.

We got a few whistles while we were tanning from the teenage boys swimming in the pool. All we had to do was hold up our left hands and show off our engagement rings and they immediately backed off, except for one. He looked to be about seventeen. He kept waving and winking and blowing kisses. I even heard him tell his friends that he could win us all over with one of his smiles. I rolled my eyes at that. Really? Yeah, because we are just going to drop everything and get with this kid. Yeah, and I was going to put my baby up for adoption too, right? He is an idiot. I was grateful when Jonah and Ashton showed up. Sam was totally oblivious to the creepy stalker kid. Lynn pointed to him and the boys walked up to the kid. I used my werewolf hearing to hear what they were saying to him.

"Hey, I heard you were disturbing our girls." Sam said. I almost laughed. It was so funny when Sam tried to be serious. I knew the girls thought it was funny too because they both had their hands over their mouths trying to keep the giggles in. The kid looked scared but he quickly recovered.

"Yeah? So? They seemed to be liking it." he had a really squeaky voice. The boys cracked up. Sam had to put his hand on Jonah's shoulder so he didn't fall over.

"Wa-wait? You mean to tell me that my pregnant fiancé, liked that some squeaky voiced, big mouthed, ugly full of himself teenager was hitting on her?" Ashton said. We all gasped. I'm sorry, did he just say pregnant? Lynn jumped up and slapped a hand over his mouth.

"Ashton! Look what you did! I wasn't going to tell them yet!" she hissed between clenched teeth. He smiled sheepishly behind her hand.

"Sorry babe." he said before looking at us and busted out laughing. I turned ad we all had, How-dare-you-not-tell-us looks on our faces. Lynn took off running towards the building.

"Lynn Marie Clayton! You get your butt back over here now!" I yelled running after her.


Lynn's P.O.V.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Erin was going to eat me." I whispered. I was sitting in the closet of Sam and Jodie's room. I heard them shuffle in the room three times already looking for me. I haven't heard Ashton though. He was probably hiding from me. I was going to kill him. Well, maybe not kill him. But I will hurt him.

"Lynn?" I heard a voice whisper. I pretty sure it was Jonah's. I opened the closet door.

"In here." I said. He walked over and sat next to me and closed the door.

"So, baby number three in this mad house." I giggled.

"Yeah. But mine will be a lot younger then the others. By at least a year." we sat in silence for a few minutes before I started talking.

"You know, all those times that we got in fights and I said I would trade you for a sister any day. Its really funny that it actually happened."

"And I've always wished for a brother. And now I have one. Which by the way, he is a pain in the butt." he said and rolled his eyes.

"I know right? You should try to be mated to him. Such a pain." He laughed.

"Well, we better go face the wrath of Rin."

"Yeah, then Ashton can feel the wrath of me." I said before walking out of the room to run straight into Ashton's chest. He looked down at me and his eyes got wide. I just scowled at him.

"Lynn, please don't hurt me." I couldn't help but laugh when he his hands in front of his face. I just smiled and hugged him. When he let go I heard my name being screeched so loud that the people in the hotel room next to us opened the door and gave us a questioning look. I just smiled at her. When Lynn walked up to me she grabbed my fore arms and made me look at her. Which was really funny considering she was about half a foot shorter then me. I giggled and she scowled.

"You have nothing to laugh about considering your about to get severely hurt." she said which only made me laugh harder. "Lynn Marie. Are you pregnant?"

"Yup." I said and smiled at her. She hugged me and squealed.

"Yay! Oh, my gosh! This is going to be awesome! We will all have little babies running around the house. And then maybe, when they are older, my baby can be mates with either yours or Jodie's baby. Yay!" she kissed me on the cheek and skipped off towards her and Jonah's room. I swear she was bipolar, but I loved her anyways.


Jodie's P.O.V.

If I knew being pregnant would involve outrageous mood swings, uncontrollable vomiting, and very strange cravings, I never would have done it. I was sitting on the floor in the bathroom with Sam pulling my hair back. I had a box of cheese itz sitting on my lap and a jar of peanut putter on my side. I had just brushed my teeth after I threw up and I sat on the floor. Sam was sitting on the edge of the bath tub behind me, pulling my hair out of my face while I was eating cheese itz smothered in peanut butter.

"Gross." he said when I tried to offer him one. I rolled my eyes and stood up. When I walked back in the bedroom my girls were sitting on my bed.

"Sammy, will you give us a minute babe?" I asked him when I read the we-need-to-talk expressions on their faces.

"Yeah." he said and kissed me on the top of my head and walked out to go find Ashton and Jonah.

"Whats wrong guys?" I asked them when Sam left.

"Oh, nothing." Lynn said. I stared at her blankly. She just about gave me a heart attack. I thought something was really wrong.

"Then why when I walked out here you two looked like you were about to burst into tears?"

"We just wanted to ask you something but we didn't want Sam to hear or he would say no and insist he and the boys come along." Erin said.

"Come along to where?" I asked.

"Well, remember that Cory guy from the pool?"

"How could I forget?"

"Yeah, well his friends are actually really sweet. They invited us to a bon fire on the beach tonight. Apparently they are visiting from Arkansas. And since that Cory guy isn't going to be there, I recommend going. Just for a girls night you know?" Lynn said.

"Yeah. That would be nice, but what would we tell the boys?" I asked.

"Jodie, you think entirely too much. Just tell them that we are going to have some pregnant people milk shakes. Simple as that." I thought about it for a minute until I finally gave in.

"Fine." the girls squealed and dragged me with them to Lynn and Ashton's room. I mentally groaned when I heard my wolf start chanting,

"Party! Party! Party!"

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